300 - why oh why?

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Looks like they are going to make a movie about the stand of 300 spartans against over one million persians at the pass known as thermopylae. I love this story (actually along with the spartans there were about 7000 corinthians and other greeks, but the 300 stayed till the bitter end), but I have one problem...

Instead of making this movie based on historical accounts, or a really good novel like "Gates of Fire" (steven pressfield), the are making it from a comic book titled 300 by frank miller.

Even worse they are adding a subplot where king Leonidas' wife rallies support among his troops because they wanted to add "girl power".

Hollywood is slowly killing me.

big gay kirk
The 300 Spartans is also the best chippy in Loughborough....

Ok, these kinda of comments really annoy me. When was it announced that every single movie has to be accurate and show everything thing the way it actually happened? Know what, it never was. So why do you moan and complain when a movie comes out that you feel doesn't portray the event accurately? That's why it is called a movie, it is for entertainment, it is not supposed to take the place of history classes. If you want to watch something that tells what actually happened and tells all the facts, go watch the History Channel.

Agent Elrond
there's a 1960 version of it. Watch that for more historical realism.

When I learned there was a movie of the Battle of Themopoly (very bad spelling), i was excited. Now, I'm so-so. I love historical movies, yet I hate it when Hollywood f*cks it up by inserting pure BS. (if there is a love story, I will kill the director)

cal, it bugs me because hollywood distorts history into entertainment, and that version of history becomes generally accepted. If an ignorant world is a happy world for you, that's your prerogative.

It also shows me that hollywood lacks talented writers and panders to the audience. You can make a good movie and keep the facts intact.

The funny thing is I see visual Star Wars references in you avatar and sig, and I see alot of hardcore Star Wars fans freak out if a movie, book or video game doesn't stay true to George Lucas' original version. I think that's over the top. That fiction, a fictional world.

Yet alot of those same people think it's ok to screw with actual history for entertainment.

Do the Bollywood then. angel

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