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Directed by the oh, so good Mike Nichols (Angels in America) With Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Jude Law and Natalie Portman.

This looks so so good. It comes out December 3rd. I can't wait to see it.

Please watch the trailer..



big grin Looks really good, thanks for posting!

i thought there was a discusion on this, but maybe it was just in the natalie portman thread.. either way it looks good

Will definately see it.

BOPRecruit 16
saw the trailer for this movie recently, the plot looks hot and can't wait to see it! cool

I saw it recently and I think it was so... HORRIBLE!

I hate it... physically HATE it, the end was horrible too... Id rate it -100/10

Andrew McLeod
Best movie of 2004. It's coming to DVD soon. Don't see it if you're not an actual fan of the ART of filmmaking.

If you like your explosions, high octane action, and boring plots skip this and head to the theatre for xXx 2 or something.

If you're like me and a good plot of betrayal, infedelity, and lust interests you more than any explosion can, buy it.

The viciousness of this movie is awe-inspiring. The movie conveys such a brutal truth about love and what happens when you refuse to commit. Everyone just wants intimacy but in this movie they screw around and never get closer to each other. Beautifully written, beautifully directed, and fantastically acted. My pick of best movie for 2004.

i loved the movie.. its definantly not a typical hollywood film.. i really enjoyed it.

Thought it was outstanding.

i've seen that movie.

and erm.. i didn't like it as much as i would have expected.
but natalie's portman performance was brilliant.

some parts of the movie was distubring confused
and as a whole it was too derpresing.

I expected a lot more, the script is awful it makes absolutley no sense
hwowever if ure into very unexpected behaviour, I recomend this movie

Andrew McLeod
It was so tragic in the sense that no one got what they wanted. Everyone wants to be closer to another yet no one can. Their searches for intimacy came up short and they all ended up with nothing in the end.

This movie comes out tomorrow on DVD and I'm buying it for sure.

In my opinion, the script was brilliant. It was witty writing and really portrayed (with brutal honesty) the truth about modern relationships and the way human's act. I loved it. Either way, I'll be happily watching it tomorrow night and then preparing a research paper on it for Philosophy class.

ces malfoy
I absolutly loved closer, i thought that it rocked, its one of the best films i have seen!!

Andrew McLeod
After rewatching it I realize how painfully tragic it is to watch. You can see these characters waltzing to a place of complete anguish and they do nothing to stop it. It's strange how Patrick Marber didn't try to create sympathetic characters yet it still comes across as tragic.

The fact that they're extremely realistic and believable characters makes them sympathetic for the audience. We see them as real people, not just characters in a movie.

yea i agree with backfire on that one

I saw it ...definitly not a good-feeling movie

Andrew McLeod
Like I said. It's painful to watch. It takes a large bite out of you and all your perceptions on love. I'm doing my Philosophy project on it because it's filled with so many philosophies on love and observations of human nature.

It was a very good movie. Very deep and very (though a bit extreme in some cases) realistic-ish.

Natalie Portman had a good performance, but not deserving of an Academy Award nomination, IMO.

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