Fable On Ps3!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Ones
i read in a ps2 mag that sony have bought fable from microsoft in an attempt to get high sales from ps2 people a so many fans nearly rioted over one of the "best games ever on the x-box" not on the PS2. sony explained that the ps2 couldnt handle it but are currently trading GTA: SA with X-BOX for Fable and converting it to PS3 format and out bundled with PS3. GOOD NEWS FELLOW SONYS!!

Noob A
Buuuuuuuuullll $h!+

I'll believe it when I see it.

I concur.

Microsoft wouldn't give up their competitive advantage like that. Much like the UbiSoft games.....PS2 can't handle some of the more graphically advanced games.

The thing I'm wondering is why San Andreas wasn't released on X-box parallel to PS2. I know they haven't done it in the past, but I figured once X-box bought rights to have the double pack for GTA3...I thought they would have etched a deal for future titles as well..

The Ones
well then my ps2 mag must be lying

Which "PS2 mag"... would you mind scanning it or taking a picture?

The Ones
its called PSM2 issue 51 i think i was at my friends house when i read it but i can ask him to scan it, send it to me and i can post it if you like

This puzzles me. Why would Sony fans would want Fable to come to PS2? They already have a long line of rpgs so why add Fable? Doesn't make any sense to me.

The Ones
i know

well u nevr know what the PS3 will be like so it might be able to handle it

The Ones
it will. i also read that it can handle a game 4x the size of SA

is there actually any set specifications for the ps3? i would be interested in knowing what would be under the hood of that baby!

i saw fable at a gaming convention i went to, and i didnt think it looked all that good, but i guess ill have to try get my hands on someones xbox and give it a try

hah, Fable is the best rpg i have ever played.

OMG!!! and HALO3 IS COMING TO PS3 TOO!!! AHHH.!!! eleven.... -_-...
:sigh: again.. please think logically before succumbing to silly rumors..
microsoft owns them, they cannot produce those titles for any other systems or they will suffer financial penalties (a.k.a. sue thier asses).

The Ones

Umm.. no way is Halo 3 coming to PS. But I have heard rumors of the GTA switch to microsoft. Thougb this trading business seems sketchy. This isn't baseball or something.

That's just being ****ing greedy. Playstation has some of the greatest RPGs ever, including Final Fantasy and Wild ARms, and not to mention several dozen other awesome games. Xbox hits the jackpot with one RPG and they're out to steal it?

Anyway, I won't believe it until it happens, and if it does happen, I'll get some buddies to riot so Xbox gets the Final Fantasy series. ****ing whiny Playstation bitches.

and in response to the gta question- you see, sony had an exclusitivty agreement for a few years, and it expired so rockstare could then produce. san andreas has a seperate contract.

kinda like the year-2 year super nintendo only street fighter 2

I also concur.

Sony, have GTA: SA for six months untill it can be released on the box I've heard.

There will be no trade, GTA: SA will be on X-Box regardless.

I HAVE HALO 2 !!!! big grin

But the next GTA int he series will be PS2? Right?

but thats stupid instead of asking for fable dont you think they would ask for Halo 2?

It isnt stealing if your company willingly sells it. Besides, It seems that microsoft would be getting the better end of the deal. Fable hasnt even made a name for itself. Where as the next 5 GTA games could be absolute shit, but would sell millions just for name value alone. IT seems if this is true, Sony may want to rethink there decesion. People buy the Playstation2 just so they can play GTA games when they come out. Like you said too, no matter how good Fable is, it would never be able to compare to the popularity of a good final fantasy release.

Now if we are talking about complete developer rights, then sony will be losing potentially hundred of millions of dollars from future games. Rockstar is sony's leading developer. If we are just talking an independant game rights, like the original Fable and the original san andreas then, well sony still lost. Who would want to play Fable in 2006 when Fable 2 would be comming out on the X-box?

Where is the proof of Halo going on Sony? I mean Halo is basically the only reaosn that the x-box survived 2002.

Darth Surgent
Sony definitely got the short straw on this deal (If true. And that's a big if). Fable is simply another relatively okay, yet terminally over-hyped Xbox game.

You have a point Rages, but i still think it's stupid.

Darth: I think it was far from over hyped. I didn't even know the game existed until a week before it was released. I found out about it here on these message boards actually. Fable was an awesome game, and I wasn't dissapointed because I never knew about all the things they took out until I was already halfway through the game.

Although...alot of titles are overhyped for the Xbox. Hell, the Xbox itself was overhyped when it was first released. No matter, it still has good games. Not as many as PS2 though.

The Ones
if my memory serves me right, PS3 will come out in just a few months and that they tried to snag halo but microsoft wouldnt have it so they went to the next best game on their console, fable. i think what darth and rages said is true about y microsoft let it go:

(quote from darth: "Fable is simply another relatively okay, yet terminally over-hyped Xbox game."wink

and what rages said:

(quote from rages: "Who would want to play Fable when Fable 2 would be coming out on the X-box"wink

so sony lost both ways. thats 7 million they spent on snaging fable over to the PS3 when they could have used that for a new GTA

yeah, but i highly doubt that we have all the facts. I dont read PSM magazine, I read game informer. I havent seen anything about this deal so i dont have any knowledge. I doubt that Sony would trade the gamming series that made it a landmark system for a game that hasnt even been out three months. They may have given Microsoft the rights to bring san andreas to their system in return for Fable, rather than paying for it, but i still think that the next GTa game will be exclusive for sony. Unless Rockstar wanted to leave, but i doubt that aswell. Sony made and is making rockstar rich.

The Ones
and us poor

anyway, the GTA series has horrible controls for xbox.....they've had gta3 and vice city on xbox

how are they gonna trade these two if xbox already partly has a hand in it?

The Ones
i dunno sony and rockstar can pull the plug

Selling a game and the franchise are two different things

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