Greatest Actor of the 20th century?

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Jedi Priestess
I was wondering who some of the more serious movie buffs here would consider the best actor (not actress) of the 20th century? I know I probably missed some so feel free to check the other box and type in your answer. Please try to just pick one if you have to chose the other box.

This was hard for me but I chose Bogie wink

Please dont list Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp or the like. Thats just insulting to the great male actors of the last century as these guys are pretty much still starting out.

Morgan Freeman

lil bitchiness
If I had to pick one, then i'll go for Al Pacino.

Mr Zero
Well - I'm going to assume from the list you mean "movie actor" rather than stage?

I'd add Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman and Sidney Poitier to that list to name but a few... But only out of respect for the also rans - no matter who our personal favourites are: it's Brando at the top of the heap.

Jedi Priestess
Yeah I know, there were alot to choose from, but the poll only lets you list 10 so I went with the AFI's listing. smile And yes I meant movie actors.

I picked other..because I consider Gary Oldman and Al Pacino the best actors ever..they can pull of very versatile roles.

Pacino and DeNiro

Jedi Priestess
I understand where you guys are going with Pacino & Co. but somehow I dont think they've achieved the level of greatness of say Bogart, Cagney or Brando yet.

I think it depends who you grow up watching!!? Personally the actors that I count as Great Actors are: Johnny Depp, John Travolta, Sandra Bullock, Adam Sandler + Drew Barrymore! Purely coz I grew up watching movies with those people in them. Yeah, I give Pacino credit n stuff, but I've only watched one of his films, so I'm not gonna say his my Greatest Actor just coz he's so poular! Does that make sence??

Voted for other:

Buster Keaton

Jedi Priestess
Yes it makes perfect sense. But I am speaking of actors up until and including 1999. So some of these guys wouldnt really qualify as they are still either just getting warmed up or are working at their craft. All of the actors on my list have passed away to be sure. But in their day and time they were every bit as popular as Pacino et al.

I thought about Buster Keaton but ran out of spaces. sad

anthony hopkins and morgan freeman, both classy actors

Robert Deniro and Gary Oldman

From the list, althought there are many important absenses, i vote Brando.

Mr Parker
I put in my vote for Laurence Olivier because he is in fact considered by most the best actors in hollywood ever to be the greatest actor of all time just in cast you were not aware of that Jedi.Just thought you might find that interesting is why I mention that. smile

i think johnny depp is one of the greatest already, he does an amazing job with every character even in bad movies, christopher walken is also amazing

Gary Oldman

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