What did you not likle in book five?

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Jackie Malfoy
I can't say that reading book five I liked some stuff but other stuff to me was pointless.
Black dieing is one and another was that whole chapter about Hagid's brother I really think it was pointless too.
And harry was too angry in this one too and that annored me also,So what did you not lilke about book five?JM Happy Dance

i laso didibt like sirius dying! it made me so maaaaad!! i hate j k rowling! she is crazy to have killed off sirius

i didnt lik sisrius dieing or that harry was so angry through it

I think Hagrids brother will come more into play in later books, but we already havfe a 5th book thread don't we?

i didnt like how book five seemed empty ... i know that lots of stuff happens in it but when i think about the book nothing that interesting pops into my head... i dunno the book just seemed a little boring although it wasnt... do you get what i mean?

i didnt like that harry was so mad all the time. but also maybe it wasnt his fault and he couldnt help. we know that there is a link between harry and voldie so maybe now that the scar has been there so long they are starting to act like each other a little bit. i also didnt like that sirius died. but that will come into most likely later. since the fact that no one ever comes back from behind the vail they probably dont know much about it. so then maybe the people who go beyond that are like in a paradise world and they got to choose whether to stay or not. and those who chose to stay are very unhappy and thats the noises from behind it. this all seems kinda far-fetched. what do u guys think?

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