Please help me settle a dispute

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A co-worker and I were discussing the Kill Bill films. She brought up that the daughter of Copperhead is also Bill's child. Now I didn't believe it; she went on to tell me that it even says that in Vol.1. According to her Copperhead tells Black Momba that after the first fight while they are in the kitchen. I watched the movie again and again and have never heard evidence to her point. I still don't believe it. And so it goes on, as he-said she-saids do, that another person I know has a freind who is a die-hard fan of the movies and also claims its Bill's daughter.

Can anyone answer this? It is my opinion that it is not his daughter and I need some backing. I am open to being wrong but I just can't seem to find the evidence that proves me so.

There's nothing in the movie to suggest that Nikki is Bill's daughter. However, there could be an early draft of the script (real or fictional) that says this.

The only evidence I can think of that Bill might be Nikki's father is that Nikki does look half-white (though Dr. Bell could be white for all we know). Heck, Elle and O-ren might have daughters running around somehwere. Just like Bill collected surrogate fathers, he also acted as one.

I don't recall hearing Copperhead saying anything of the sort. I think it's pretty safe to say that Mr Bell is Nikki's father.


Andrew McLeod
I highly doubt that Nikki is his daughter but it would throw in a twist for any sequels that may arise in the future. It's good to keep it open for this reason.

I can't see a sequel to Kill Bill. It's called Kill Bill, Bill being the one she wants to kill. Now that he is dead, There would be no reason to have a third in the series. If there was a sequel bby any chance, The main bad guy would most likely be Elle. Elle and O-ren's sliced head. She coulda' had it pu in a tank, Ala Futurama. smile

Lord Soth
Not a sequel, a spin-off. Where Nikki Green/Bell hunts down Kiddo (one assumes that Sophie and Elle would be involved), and B.B. helps, or some shit like that. Probably far-off in the future

i hope it never happens. some things are better left as is possible to over do it

Lord Soth
Of course. We'll just have to hope that QT does it right if he does indeed intend to do it

That's for sure. But if he does do it I trust Quentin. Just hope the project doesn't get handed to someone else. Like the terminator movies; Cammeron made two masterpieces (IMO) and then Mostow had to srew it up.

Dr. Bell is nikkis father end of

yea but just like beatrix got knocked up by bill and was pregnant and bill thought it was the new boyfriends is it possible bill had sex with copperhead and then when she left she just said it was her husbands??? it seemed like Bill sure got around anyway. but i doubt it its just fun to speculate

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