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I was walking to my car, at night. I opened the door got in and put the 2nd key on my key ring in the ignition and turned it in a clockwise motion like I always do, to start the car. But on this occasion, nothing happened. The lights flashed on and went off almost instantly, and if you had blinked you would have missed it. The car did not start. I tried again, but only heard a dull *click* *click*. It was then apparent to me that my car had become a victim of an enemy. I reached for my cell phone, but it wasn't there...Drat! they had thought of everything. I pulled out my commonplace notebook and quickly scanned it for useful information. But I couldn't see... I tried to think of a reason my enemies would be stalling me on this very night. It wasn't a birthday, no special meetings were taking place, and as far as I could tell, Beatrice was at home making salad with my brother, in the kitchen. And it was at this very moment I heard a cough form behind me.
"I say is that you?"
It was Mr. Poe, he had seen my suspicious behavior and come to help me. I couldn't afford to let anybody in right now...Not until I was sure of my surroundings.
"Hullo Mr. Poe, it's me..."
"What are you doing out at this hour?"
I could ask him the same thing. Mr. Poe has a wife and sister and two kids. Not to mention he's the Vice President of Financial Affairs at Mulctory Money Management. A most demanding job. I looked at him in his long black overcoat and signature top hat, hankie in hand.
"Beatrice needed a newspaper, my car wouldn't start, -your sister's very good at that column she writes."
"Yes, yes she is, I will tell her you said that..." At this point he begin to look for something in his pockets...and pulled out a set of keys.
I was so tired that I began saying things over and over again, that I began saying things over and over again, that I began saying things over and over again.
"What's that?"
Mr. Poe handed me the key and told me it would start the car. It did. and I thanked him.
"Thank you"
"Your welcome. *erhum?*" Mr. Poe coughed loudly again. "Mr. Snicket, the reason of my presence is to inform you of something. Mr. Snicket. It's Beatrice. She's dead. There was a fire involved."

fever red
Oh, Lemony, I'll be your driver, then this won't happen again!
We have an enemy in common. Trust me...

Ahhhh....I remember the 1st time I tried crack cocaine fondly.....

Canadian Moose
I REALLY liked this work of fiction.

fever red
This belongs in the fiction forum- It's quite nice- good job.
Never mind the minions of Orlock.
Trust me, I'll get you out of here...

Ohhhh....it was a fictional story!!!!

Well that makes a lot of sense. Sorry for the ridicule.

fever red
They have done for your beloved Beatrice- don't you see, I knew that they would come for you both. I could help only one of you. Trust me, you must come with me now!

I know. the enemy is among us...maybee even some of our own


Fiction forum?...o yeah, didn't think of that...laughing out loud Ok, sory...
Thank you.big grin I owe it to lemony...for inspiration...stick out tongue

Cool....VERY nice sig you have there...droolio

Fan of Lemony's?
Always a pleasure to meet another member of V.F.D.
but I don't have a tatoo...confused yet...shifty
what's your favorite book!
have you read Snicket's autobiography???eek!

fever red
Haven't read the biography- I must put it on my list.
Funny how tattoos appear and disappear...

^^It's good. Very interesting...

I know, I was so surprised when I saw jaques(Snicket's brother in Village of Fowl Devotees) with a tattoo...

Mr. Poe gets on my nerves!mad he never believes them!

Hate Poe...

fever red
Poe is detestable, but you have to laugh- try hard to laugh at Poe in fantasy; you will meet him often in reality, in many guises, and it won't help your cause to, say, push him off a tall building.

no expression

fever red
I'm saying I would NOT push Poe off a tall building...sigh. That's it. I AM changing my name to "Miss Red."

Mr. Poe is evil...EVIL I say...

Think about it...He ALWAYS gives the kids to bad guardians...

1. He gave them to count olaf himself...

2.Uncle monty...I think he was prety good, but I'm so sure mr. poe was in on something..

3. Aunt Josephine?? who lives on a cliff, and hasn't cooked anything for years because she's afraid of the stove?....

4.Employ's them at a lumber yard. ???

5.Sends them to a school, that seems like a good choice, except when you see the baudelairs circumstances...also I think V.Princeble Nero, has something to do with olaf...

6.Gives them to olaf's girlfriend in an appartment.no expression

7.He lets the kids choose where they will live...He gives them several choices of vilages...but secretly knows they WILL pick the vfd vilage...

8-now...The kids are on there own...away from poe...

I know Its all kind of guess-work, and me beeing suspicious...but Mr. Poe is SOO unhelpfull, it makes you wonder....


fever red
Mmmm, you know, it's tempting to adopt that perspective- it makes Poe less of a villain, actually, if he has the intent to harm the children for his direct benefit. Don't you think its MORE unconscionable that he willfully white-washes their circumstances ONLY to avoid facing hard choices, taking difficult action? It's certainly a better, more accurate condemnation of that element, that way of living/thinking, in our society.
It's so over the top, it's hilarious. It really invites you to set aside the Poes and do for yourself. So, Poe is kind of a perfection.
Violet is my favorite.

put down the straw and blow your line away, YOU'VE HAD TOO MUCH

fever red
Blow it away? In ten minutes, won't I need it again?

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