SALO: 120 days of sodom

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Have any of u guys and gals seen this film?

A friend of mine kept going on about it for ages so i decided to add it to my collection I can safely say this is the only film that has ever disturbed me its seriously fooked up, Very brutal. The director was killed shortly after the release goes to show it upset a few peeps. It was banned still is in some contrys.

Whats ur veiws?

(sorry about my shit spelling lol)

Doesn't look very promising.

The director was killed by a male prostitue. It's based on the marquis de sade isn't it? It looks really good, I want too see it.

I have rented it to see what all the fuss is about, but to me it's only watchable once and to hear Ennio Morricones score, wouldn't want it in my collection collecting dust.

Yes, based on Marquis De Sade's book.

i bet i never watch it again lol

it looks to weird

oh its very weird

The Redeemer
No need to apologise about your *SHIT spelling* mate...there was a scene in the film when someone actually ate it!!! laughing out loud

theres 2 scenes lol the girl eating it and then all of em eating it at the shit feast lol

The Redeemer
And all made up from the finest Swiss chocolate and orange peel IIRC...

thats right lol

It's a disgusting film, probably the most disturbing of all time.

But it's great, very original and captivating.

Darth Surgent
I have it on DVD, but I haven't watched it yet.

watch it!!

The Redeemer
Don't tell me everyone here's still talkin' shit?!?!?! eek! laughing

The Redeemer
Actually, CRAP aside, SALO's an unpleasant film and not the sort that one would make a main stay of repetitive viewings. Passolini had some weirdly warped world views IMO and, even in his more widely known and *lighter* films such as THE DECARAMON and ARABIAN NIGHTS, always portrayed humanity with little more than disgust...

'Tis no wonder he died the way he did.

loll very true, but like its said on the dvd Passolini changed nothing from the story apart from where its set and the time its set in. The original story its based on is called 120 days of sodom which kinda says it its self sodom means sodomy or buggery or for u realy stupid peeps poopie sex lol u do the math. So its kinda obvious it was gonna b fooked up what ever he did to it. And like u said it sure as hell aint 1 for repeat viewing.

Well, I finally saw it. Can't say this is the sickest and most disgusting film ever. That title still belongs to Pink Flamingos. The excrement eating scenes were offensive but not the real thing. Actually the dinner serving scene was rather yucky than disguting.

Is it the more cruel film ever made? No, I still think that Schrindlers list and Men Behind the Sun will hold that title for quite awhile. However, the final torture scenes are quite well done.

Salo is good film. But don't watch it expecting to be offended. If you do you really aren't going to get the story. Which is really a story of human cruelty and abuse of power. These old farts abuse the youth in the film. The performances were very good. The nude scenes were the youths are behaving like dogs was quite interesting. In a sense the film depicts the old folks as masters. Whereas the youth are like pets. But the masters don't love their pets. This was heavily notice when the guy put the glass in the food. Makes you think...why would you do that to something you love? but of course there is no love. Only lust and cruelty.

If I had to rate the gets a 4 out of 5.

Abusive character behavior and disturbing Fetish film. Still a classic IMO.

It's okay, a tad overrated. Happiness is still the most uncomfortable watch, for me.

can i come across this at a local movie store or would i have to order it?

bc i was reading about it a while back but decided i didnt want to waste time trying to find it

I think you have to wait for the criterion rerelease.

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