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confused ANYBODY OUT THERE ~!!! Ne way I was wondering if any one actually knew about the 1991 production of Hook! Starring Robin Williams ?? stick out tongue embarrasment
I think it is a classic !!
Anybody agree here ?!? laughing

Darth Sauron
RUFIO (f or ph?)

Looky looky, i got hooky

i love that movie happy

wavey welcome

I remember when it first came out watchin that movie all the time, Dustin Hoffman did an awesome job as Hook...

Shaolin Monk
oh man! haven't watched Hook forever...I got it for my 9th bday, simply adored the film...I'm glad that the idea of a Hook 2 got squashed in the mid-90's

Hook is a great movie, and I agree Dustin Hoffman was the perfect choice to play Hook he was brilliant.

i looovvvveeee this movie ...

Mr Zero

Spielberg deserves to be spit-roasted by an entire herd of horny buffalo for shitting on the legend of Pan like this.

I didnt like it so much.

It had its moments. This certainly did not reflect Spielberg's best work.

I saw that movie hook, it was a funny movie, I like the part when they had the fake food fight. That was cool and ver colourful.

It was a great concept of doing a story that everyone know's through and through. I like this movie, but, it was a bit to humorous and raunchy.

it was OK nothing special

Jackie Malfoy
I love that movie.I was actly going to post about that but you beat me to it.I think some of you guys might have esp.Anyway Captain hook and smee are great in that movie.
"Bring in the hook!" "Would you like to share that information to the whole class?"(hook to meggie) "Very violete Sport baseball"HOOK

what heppened to the girl who played Robin Williams daughter?

she lived happily ever after big grin

Jackie Malfoy
Yea she is gone.I wonder if hook was the only movie she played in.Anlyone know the actess name so I could look it up?JM

i think her name is Amber Scott

Jackie Malfoy
Yea I think you are right.Anyway I will go look it up now and see what movies she is in now in my movie guide book.Anyone have the soundtrack of hook?
Great soundtrack I must say.JM

I really liked Hook. One of the best movies. smile

well u like speaking the truth bout things dont u ...hmm roll eyes (sarcastic)

hey jackie u can get the soundtrack off imdb. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102057/soundtrack

dis movie is arite 2 be honest

I had forgotten about it, honestly. The new movie Peter Pan is better, but Hook is great as a movie... Could have gotten a better adult Pan than Robin Williams, but it was good.

Anyone seen the new one? I did stick out tongue and I loved it... Which is very odd for me, but I did.

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