How does it feel to lose someone you care about??

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I lost my grandma and I regret not spending alot time with her.How do u guys feel?




laughing out loud

No not about my grandma Im talking about the ppl u guys have lost.

Alpha Centauri
Well I'm on the verge of losing the girl I love more than anything else in the world after losing her then getting back together and having everything be great.

If you spent less time with her because you didn't know her that well then I wouldn't feel too bad but if you did and COULD have spent time with her but did stupid things like put it off and not bother then I would feel a personal sense of regret. My one condolance if/when me and my girl split is that we enjoyed the time we had together and that we did everything we could to make it work. So you should do everything you can to be a part of the people's lives you want to be a part of now. Tomorrow isn't promised.


disbelief, denial, regret, sorrow, bereave, pity, absence, etc.. try a thesaurus

How does it feel to lose someone you care about??

I've lost my best mate but not through death or even through a falling out. He collapsed over three weeks ago and has laid in a coma ever since, doctors now say he has brain damage. I've known him for all my life (almost 19 years to be precise) and to see someone who you've shared so many good times be reduced to that of a vegetable i tell you it is one of the most difficult things i've ever gone through. I honestly cannot describe in words how i felt hearing that news.

Jackie Malfoy
It makes one feel sad and hopeless and angry and also emity.If I losed any of my friends that is what I would be feeling right now.JM

i felt like commiting suicide when my nan died :/

i wished i had spent more time with my grampa. my mom is just now recently telling me stories he told her about how he and his brother owned a night club and ellie mae asked him to be jethro on the beverly hillbillies erm

Sith Master X
The strange thing is, you never realize how valuable each moment was with that person until they're gone.

Darth Sauron
I just hate myself for letting the last words be 'Ta-ra'

I havent lost "Anyone" I cared of, but I did lose "something" I cared about more than anything in the world. Back in October of 2002

Darth Sauron
what was it sad

Thats is VERY true

It makes you feel like shit.

I know it really does. embarrasment

I haven't really thought that deeply about it before. When you're young you think they'll be around forever. Psychological maturity doesn't increase till around mid twenties.

ya. my grampa was only actually realy helthy when i was little, and i was too stupid to ask him anything erm

My baby.
She may just have been a dog to anyone else but she wasnt to me, she was my baby. The one who understood me, who was at my side 24/7, never left me and was my protector.
This is my babies grave in the backyard.

I can understand your question.

My grandmother was the greatest person I have ever known. She understood me in ways that no one else did. I spent a lot of time with her. When she died, I felt like I should have done more. She used to come and pick me up from school (I went to private school, and we had no bus sytem to rely on) I used to fall asleep on the ride home, almost religiously. When she died, I hated myself for not staying awake and talking to her. But, after she died, I realized she and I had spoken on levels that I had never really understood until that point. I fell asleep on the way home, because that was what I was meant to do. It was her job to enjoy that aspect of our relationship. Just as I did.

I have wished for one more chance to fall asleep in her presence more times that I can remember. We didn't need to talk. Love was understood.

I couldnt even go to my grandmas funeral. sad sad

My best friend in the world was my dog, Pugsley. I loved him, almost as much as he loved me. I found him on the front porch when my family and I came home from my fathers funneral. He didn't leave me alone once until I left for college. And even then, when I came home, he was waiting for me. I needed him when my father died and he was always there. He was there when the rest of the world wasn't. When I couldn't make sense of it all.

When he died, I was the one that found him. And he was waiting for me. He died next to the gate (to his dog pen. Where he spent his days (with Sable, his much younger wife) when no one was at home) staring out at the world, waiting for me. In some aspects, I feel like I knew he was going to be dead when I went out there. That's why I was there at all.

It's funny how much dogs affect you. (or pets in general) Pugsley was my best friend when I was a child. He was the one that went on all those adventures with me. And while I was lucky that I had him for so long, I wish there had been more time.

Capt Fantastic...stop. That's making ME tear up; I don't know how it is going to affect anyone with a non-Spock-like emotional condition.

Alpha Centauri
Me and my girlfriend worked through a trans-atlantic relationship for a very long time. I did everything I could to keep her and to make things work. She flew home from her final visit yesterday and just 3 hours ago, broke up with me.

How does it feel to lose someone you care about?

Words can't describe it.


no one wants to hear when you lost your virginity!! gross!

**ahhemmm* I lost "something" too back in 1995 - wow! long time ago! big grin ban1

Alpha! - sorry cry - I knew it wasnt going to work out when you made an entire thread about the whole situation the first time...
but I know that horrible heart breaking feeling cry

ok... I lost my mom when I was 14 - in a car wreck - thanks to a horrible semi (truck) driver...

but I look at it like.. there is always something good that comes out of something bad ... and there are a lot of people I have met and I have been all over the USA & ENgland -- things and people I would have never known.. if...but I still miss her cry

o sorry Falling4Daniel - i thought you were talking about other things... didnt know you meant your dog - i hate it my pets die too yuck cry

Alpha Centauri
"Alpha! - sorry - I knew it wasnt going to work out when you made an entire thread about the whole situation the first time...
but I know that horrible heart breaking feeling "

Thank you. It really goes beyond heartbreak though. People tell me to confide in friends and family but everytime I see pictures of her, of us and I cry, it feels like there is no forward. Like a steel wall, cold and unforgiving right infront of my face. It's as if my soul and my very being is seeping out through the tear ducts in my eyes and drying upon my face as a reminder of what was and will never be again. My pillows and bedroom still smell of her and I still see the little sticky mark where she spilt her soda and we laughed about it. I go to the places where we visited on her final visit and I stand there alone, I close my eyes and I tell myself "When I open them, she'll be right there won't she? She will right? When I open my arms, my eyes and my heart she'll be there right?" She never is.

Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved? Well you may not be able to lose love and endure that pain and heartache if you've never had it, but I realise in sadness that love isn't something to gain. It's something to experience and I've had the most amazing experience of my life in conjunction with the most saddening of all time.


Haven't lost to many people I'm close to myself, lost my two grandfathers tho. I catch myself asking a lot of questions about them from time to time. Would be nice to have known them better. But somehow I feel I will have that chance at some point in time

I have never lost anyone close too me, but I know quite a few people who have.
Deep Sympathy.

It's difficult to say exactly what it feels like, I think. I was quite young when my grandfather died, so I don't remember much. I didn't cry at the funeral home or during the funeral, but I recall sobbing and sobbing after the family ate lunch.

I think it probably feels like someone has gutted you, tearing out what composes the person you are with a rusty shank. And it doesn't grow back easily. Well, that's probably inaccurate, but that is my best guess at how AC feels.

Nice post FM

rajah kalantiaw
i felt like i just wanted to cry all day long, but there were no more tears. i was all cried out cry

I lost my Dad, a couple years ago. One of the worst things, I had to go through to see him laying in that was so hard to get over the fact that he was gone...and there is just so many memories of sucks...

I know exactly what you experienced. And I was the one that took her to the vet to be put to sleep. To start a very long story, and try to make it short, here it goes.:
I got her as a present from my mamaw when I was around 4 or 5, and the terrible thing is is that she came from a home <BEFORE She went to my mamaw> Where she was abused, meaning, There was an old man that had many many pomeranians locked up, he was getting too old to feed them and care for them and nurture them. So my mamaw saw her "Casey", is her name, in the back of all the other pomeranians that needed to be sold and she looked the saddest so my mamaw bought her and took her home. She gave her to our family a few short weeks later.
At first she was really really shy, and then when months went on she was all I would follow, if anyone tried to touch me she'd always protect me, It was as if she was a veil around me that blocked any harm from coming.
Years went on and we were always best friends, Two years ago in October, my family and I decided to take a vacation to another state and it was around that time (My dog must have been 12 or 13 or so) my dog started showing signs of sickness, and I debated really hard on if I should leave her, but I went, while I was gone I bought her a collar. When we got back she wasnt any better so a week later on a Friday, my mother decided to make the phoen call to get her put to sleep. I cried and cried, and when they put her to sleep I wrapped her up in my baby blanket and put the new collar I got her on, and buried her in the backyard, even with a gravestone.


my grandma was on holiday in spain visiting my cousins and she had a stroke. when i found out about it i was so scared that she was going to die. what made it worse was that i hadn't seen her since she went on holiday, so basically, if she died, and i hadn't said goodbye, it would have made it worse.

Well, I reciently lost my grandfather I couldnt sleep for almost a week. Man life can be hell sometimes

Lord Shadow Z
A lot of months back my white cat Snowy was killed, ran over. I was coming home one day and I was upset at not having a girlfriend and not being loved by anyone outside of my family. So I walked past Snowy who was lying next to the plants in the garden sleeping and went in the house. About ten minutes later some kids from the street brought him to the door and told me they'd found him on the road. I was tore apart, the tears were flowing and even after they buried him in the back garden I wouldn't stop crying and I never believed he was gone. But I had cared for him and never want to go through that again because the pain is so unbearable. I don't feel upset so much now because I know he's safe from further harm and that he knew that I cared for him.

My grandma died about 4 years ago.
I was 10. I came home one day with my report card and was soo happy b/c I got all a's and b's. I saw my cousin Jared standing in the hallway of my house crying. All I did was look up and smile at him. I walked into my moms room jumping up and down. But my mom was crying as well. When she told me the news I got up and walked out the door, and saw my cousin Jared standing there looking at me. He began to open his arms and I ran to them, he hugged me and cried with me. I feel bad for the other people who have lost someone and no one to talk to about. I spent a lot of time with my grandma. When she was at the hospital dying, I held her hand and told her of memories we had when I was younger since she could not talk. She couldn't move, open her eyes nor could she have the ability to speak, she was so weak. I remember looking down at her and I told her I loved her . She moved her thumb to rub across my hand. 10 minutes after I left the hospital my Aunt called my mom on her cell phone to tell us that she passed away. I tried so hard not to cry to much because my grandma would have want me to be strong. And till this day I look up at the stars and remember of all things we ever did.

How does it feel......

My cousin died when I was 16, she was 15...I couldn't even go to the funeral....My grandma died but was old, so I still do miss her...

When a good friend doesn't die but just leaves...I feel awfully awfully sad. sad

i don't really like it when you see people up set because they have lost something what really means alot to them and i get this weird feeling in side of me and i start to think of these things i cant really explain what they are.... kinda upsetting seeing people like this.

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