Give the person above/below you a tip for life!

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I've seen a ton of "The Person Above/Below You" threads but I've never seen this one. So here's another one to add to the collection.

Give a tip about life, love, girls, boys, food, parents, frogs, mice, hats, boogies or anything els you see fit to the person above you, or below you or both for that matter...

Here's the most important tip for life that I have to offer....DON'T pee against the wind!

Always aim low, so if you actually get a "high" thing you will be mega chuffed - if you aim too high ahdn get a lower achievment its quite dissapointing

watch Lord of the rings!

Enjoy life, get drunk with your buddies every now and again, its a right laugh.

Silver Stardust
Never be afraid to say "I love you"

Listen to him^

Know that what someone doesn't know can't hurt him...unless he finds out stick out tongue

yeah saying I love you and meaning it is the greatest thing ever.

- Read a book every now and again, it may not be "cool" but its enjoyable.

Don't eat yellow snow??

Silver Stardust
yes as is someone saying "I love you" to you and meaning it.

be yourself ^

Kagome H.
The 10 second grace period for when you drop a piece of food on the ground is just a myth


It can't be called a "treat" if no one likes it

saw that coming a mile off

be nice, but dont be a walkover.... learn the difference between standing up for urself and being a dick

lol the 10 second rule also rocks,

same with the "10 minute" rule back at school, if a teacher doesnt turn up 10 minutes into the class u stand up and get the hell out of there.

Don't let the crap that crappy people have to say bring you down

Never be afraid to tell the Boss he/she is wrong.

keep all exits clear

Jedi Priestess
Never open a pointless, redundant thread in the SW section of KMC. laughing out loud

For fear the wrath of...JP??

Jedi Priestess
Indeed laughing out loud actually Im the least of their worries. The rest of the room will be sure and race to get in the first flame. yes

Hmm...ill make a note. *don't act like ass in SW forum*

NEVER pat a burning dog.

Don't be a noob

Jackie Malfoy
Change your avator to something that is star wars!lol!JM

never listen to Jackie Malfoy

Darth Revan
...especially if it's about Brad Wilk.

My advice:

Learn an instrument. It is the best thing you can do with your time. (I'm serious about this one, kids)

Listen to plenty of RATM. wink

Jackie Malfoy
Raven never listen to hh!lol!JM

Jackie Malfoy, never listen to Jackie Malfoy and always listen to hh

Darth Revan
Listening to HockeyHorror is my duty. He gives me emu sacrifices. no expression

Oh, and another one:

At all costs, please GOD stay away from internet forums! fear

And eat plenty of steak, but not too much pork, because you might get trichonosis.

Jackie Malfoy
Keep your name it is a good name!JM

Silver Stardust

Learning an instrument...definitely a good idea. And of course listen to RATM...and Tool!!!

Seriously, now...

Be willing to accept that others will have different opinions than you.

If things seem too good to be true....they ARE.

Always be optimistic hysterical

^ Never put salt in your eyes ( learned that from personal experience stick out tongue)

never trust really.

^ always be a potholderblue_bandana

drink 2 pints of real ale a day, its scientifically good for your heart, and its fun to do to!

I'm Waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of ya

go to mcdonalds

^dont goto mcdonalds!

goto KFC instead stick out tongue

KFCdroolio always roll up the car windows, it might rain

I work at KFC,lol.

Tip: Stay in school and LIKE CHEESE for all of your days.

never hold your pots without your metal fingers no expression

In the end, things turn out for the best; if it's not the best, then it's not over yet.

Awww, it makes me all fuzzy. Potholders forever!!!! rock love


dont smoke when doused in kerosine.

Sex Pistol
Dont just stick to one fave band, open up to all sorts of music, and dont be afraid to like a band just because the media or your friends say they suck.

take your make up off before you go to bed

CraSh OveRloaD
^ Never tell a hobo that you only have a Twenty and no Chnage.

Totally rock

Listen to what Sex Pistol said!
I'm with you Danii.

and a bit something to add, don't be tempted to dislike like anything just because your friends don't like it. Have an opinion of your own, at least give it a try!

Yep. . . smokin'

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