Godzilla: Walk of Fame and More!

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yep, godzilla, everyones favourite japansese monster has his own star on the hollywood walk of fame! good onya rubber lizard monster!

i was a big godzilla/king kong fan once...i've seen soooo many godzilla movies...but when they made that Godzilla 2000 movies...it was dissapointing no

best godzilla movie:


Godzilla vs King Kong


Godzilla and Jet Jaguar vs Megalon and Gigan


I liked those movies a while ago

I'm glad. He deserves recognition in the states for his great line of movies.

i would like Godzilla movies if there werent two hours of japanese poeple talking about dumbass shit that usually has nothing to do with Godzilla.

That's why I only get dvds, I skip to the scenes where he fights.

I'm glad he got his star. I can now rest at night.

many a sleepless night had over that one huh?

godzilla is just a big piece of metal... blah blah blah

yawn yawn sleeping yawn

metal....what the ****? it was a guy in a rubber suit, not a lump of metal

fi wilson
Congratulations Godzilla, about time the big fella got some recognition. Can't wait for Final Wars, but then again it will be the end of an era and I'll more than likely cry sad

Well he finally got reconition

I just got Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. yesterday. In my opinion it has the best fight scenes ever you should definately get it.

The Redeemer
Bring back Chidorah and Mothra...that's what I say!!! thumb up

They're both in Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah - Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. Here's a link to the DVD: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000VAGXU/qid=1103198503/sr=1-2/ref=sr_1_2/104-7436869-1790361?v=glance&s=dvd

Godzilla owns all.

Congrats big guy!

The Redeemer
Thanks for the info, Arsenal, but, yeah, I already know that and I've already got me a copy! Just love them Japanese gals that sing to Mothra to help her on her way... smokin'

Beyond Image
a good guy he is. a bit misunderstood, but a real stand out guy. and what a great theme music he has, that theme lures me like a snake out of a basket.

Can someone give me the plot outline to this? One of my friends told me its quite similar to 'Destory All Monsters'. I'm too lazy to do an internet search.

thats a big a$$ square yes

20XX. Paris, New York, Sydney, Shanghai... More than 10 monsters appear in the world at once. The United Nations wages final wars against the monsters combining the power of all the Earth Defense Force to save mankind. However, people are panicked by the enormous power of the monsters and the forces take the defensive.

While the intense fighting continues all over the world, suddenly, an enormous flying object appears and extinguishes the monsters with a beam in a matter of seconds. And then, aliens who call themselves "Xiliens" propose a peace treaty with the Earth...

Meanwhile Godzilla is sleeping calmly in Antarctic ice at that time

Discuss everything that has to do with Godzilla here.

It's Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy


Jackie Malfoy
Ugg!I hate that movie.I think sadly the old black and white ones are alot better then the new one.JM

The 1998 Godzilla movie sucked. They followed almost none of the rules TOHO set for them.

Thanks bud.

makes for an interesting movie. but then again, can godzilla die? i watched one of the movies, godzilla was fighting a big metallic godzilla, then the metal one turned into lava and melted while godzilla held on, godzilla melts too, then he comes back to life good as new

I don't know which one you're talking about tabby erm

Is he good or bad? Some movies he's destroying Tokyo and other movies he's protecting it from other monsters. What is going on? confused

The Godzilla depicted in the newer movies of the Showa series is good and fights evil monsters. Toho even changed his face to a more "cute" look to appeal more to the younger audience. Big G's popularity started going down the drain after doing this and so the Showa series ended with "Terror of Mechagodzilla". Toho took nearly a decade off from making Godzilla movies, then decided to relaunch the franchise in 1984 with a new Godzilla series. The first movie (Godzilla 1985) was a direct sequel to the 1954 original, and acknowledged none of the events covered in previous sequels. Godzilla was back to destroying Tokyo and lost his cute look and personality, much to many peoples' liking.

Classic Godzilla is good. New Godzilla is less so... I remember back when the new one came out they mentioned a sequel, only he/she would be in Australia (don't ask me why, I guess it made sense to send a giant water dwelling lizard to the driest Continent on the face of the earth), was there any truth in that?

In Godzilla Final Wars, Jira (he hatched out of the egg left at the end of the 1998 version) is attacking Australia and the real Godzilla comes and wipes him out. In America he would be called Zilla because he was given the last part of the Godzilla, or Gojira name.

stunt pogoer
did you see godzilla: final wars yet? i am also a HUGE fan of godzilla and plastic man. any word on when final wasr comes to the US? and if you didnt already know, in the 1998 movie "godzilla" the monster isnt actually godzilla, mister #1 godzilla fan. if youve ever seen "godzilla, mothra, and king ghidorah" it will tell you that the americans thought it was godzilla, but it wasnt. put that in your pipe and smoke it. talk to me on my AIM s/nP: stunt pogoer

lol I know I just thought it might get some people confused. I don't know when or if it'll premiere in the states but there's a good chance seeing as how the original was in theaters.

That's Mecha-Godzilla, BTW.


I've heard so many things about Final Wars, but I'll throw this out anyway, is it true that the American version of G will fight the real G?If so that would be a great fight, well not really, if American G gives Godzilla any game in this fight I'll know the writers have severly tampered with the Fight to make it even. Another thing is that I heard( and saw) the main villiains in the movie are going to be a new and improved Gigan and some alien Monster, a Xillen, who by the way looks like the most intricate ( in design), and demonic monster Toho has ever come up with, I saw it in one of the galleries in the new Godzilla: save the Earth, and man it looks like something from Spawn. Oh yeah and whoever said that Hesei Godzilla ( The one from the 90's, in one of the earlier posts someone said that the 90s version was Showa, but that's the 50-79 Godzilla, and the current incarnations are that of the Millenium series) sucks is out of their mind.

It is just another fight fest of fake ass monster. Atleast this time all it is, is destruction and fake ass monsters. Monsters all over the world to because of some kind i dont know, you have to be a godzilla nut to know exactly why, but it happens after the fight with atragon. Yeah, the american godzilla is in there, but he gets spanked by a Japans godzilla's tail. If you like godzilla, this wil lbe your favorite, but im not that big of a fan so it was an enjoyable suck fest for mesmile just cuz i love that cheese

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