What would you do if......

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Ok, you driving home from work or school, and you know it's been your average day, nothing big happened, so finally you pull into your drive way and you get out but the ground is made of socks, socks as far as the eye can see. You think this is weird so you go inside, and you sit down on the couch. You really start to feel hungry so you go into the fridge and there is this huge gun fight going on between the steak and yogurt. So you break them up and then you grab the steak by the head and then he yells GET HIM BOYS! you look around and see nothing but then 4 seconds later thousands apon thousands of small bannanas with little wheels on them come rolling head on at you with tons of string and start circling you and tying up your legs while other bannanas are jumping from the cabinets and table biting and punching your face trying to bring you to your knees, and eventually a whole gang of them rip off some of the skin from your nose and then you collapse and they say " TIE HIM UP!!" so then every one of the thousands of bannanas starts chaining you down and there is no way you can get out, no way at all. Then some of them wheels themselves up onto your chest and says you have 3 options to save yourself and your family. Option 1, you must skin your own legs with a rusty, dull butter knife and then go swimming in a pool of vodka. Option 2 We will go find a deer that has been on the side of the road for 4 days and is rotting and infested with maggots, then we will take it's head and stomach and grind it up into a milkshake and you must chug 3/4 of it. Option 3 We will magically turn you into a moldy potato for the rest of your life and you would never be able to move. And he said if you choose not to do any of these you along with your family will be cooked and eaten alive. What would you do if that happend????

Wake up and say "that was one weirdass dream".

But, no it was real life

You must be high.

SK are you on weed again? erm

No, not since yesterday. But what would you do?

I'd skin my legs and swim in the vodka

really, i'd eat the deer

I'd call the ninja turtles but they would probably start jumping around doing acrobatic moves like idiots saying "master splinter pass the jiffy" while I'm screaming "help me you freakin idiots" and getting murdered.

The Ninja Turtles were so cool

sorry, too long to read
and there's no paragraphs. i like paragraphs.

Sex Pistol
Well basically, you have three options, eat a rotten deer, skin your legs and swim in vodka,or be turned into a potatoe for the rest of your life. If you dont choose one, banana's will kill you and your family. (socks are outside but i dont know what they've got to do with anything)

Ninja turtles always know what to do

Jackie Malfoy
I know what I would do if I were you.Get help quick!lol!JK It is a good idea for a thread!JM


oO0Ooooo droolio rotting deer shake yummy
na but I think despite the temptation to have a yummy deer shake I'd go with the Ninja Turtles, it's gota be quite a show to see them beat the life out of thousands of bananas on socks donatello

Where do you come up with these things??

"I'd.......STOP! collaborate and LISTEN! Ice is back with a brand new invention!!!!!"

lol, that cracked me up big time. cool

The Inkeeper
Its impossible to swim in Vodka, or any alcohol for that matter.

Silver Stardust
What the f**k?

Heros in a half-shell, turtle power!


there is a high probability that if that happened, i was on some kind of mind altering drug. if that was so, i would probably have got motored trying to get home.

To lazy to read all that. So I voted for Ice..ice baby! Go Vanilla! go vanilla!


Samurai Guy
I would probably get back in the car... close my eyes for about 5 or 10 mins... get out and make sure I was just seeing things.

If I didn't, I would go back in the car... trying to grasp this newfound phenomenon... and make double check to make sure I was not just previously on a 6 week magic mushroom bender.

After that, pray to god they are not Post-Hockey game in triple overtime socks.


-Funky Punk-
i would smack my self on the head and say "damn mind i told you to stop this!"

Alpha Centauri
I would most definately stop, collaborate and listen. Then come back with a brand new edition, courtesy of Ice.


I'd Call the Ninja Turtles to help me out.

i think you were high on acid at the time.....if not, u have a wild imagination

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