The Abyss

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for years I passed over this title at the store, I had heard good things but 3 hours, hmmmm. well I finally sat down and watched it. And damn was I impressed. I had no idea what to expect. Mabey "Poisiden Adventure", possibly a "Towering Inferno" no, this is an original movie with a great story, solid Acting, and a scary scary premise. The Abyss itself gave me chills and still does the day after, A trench thats 25000 feet deep. A hole that takes 30 minutes of falling to hit bottom. WOW!!!!! the ending was pretty good and well worth the three hour watch. And I was really impressed with
the creatures when they controlled the water, that was amazing!!
I would give this flick 8.5 out of 10 and would highly recomend not only to scifi fans but to anyone in the mood or a great edge of your seat thriller.

and yes for those of you who havent seen this Ed Harris does decend into the ABYSS! in a scene so intense I was sweating!!!!

just wondering others opinions on this amazing movie.

The Abyss is a great movie!

I pose one more question for those who have seen The Abyss
are they aliens? or are they a earth born speices that just live under intense pressure?

They are earth born.

I think that makes the movie even better!!!

No, they're aliens.

Well I gussed that there were aliens but I really dont know.

there aliens hence the spaceship roll eyes (sarcastic)

alien I read somewhere that Ed harris complained to James Cameron about them having to act in freezing cold water. Did anyone see the special edition of the abyss where Briggman is on the alien ship and they show him the giant tidal waves around each American city that was cool.

actually i never saw a spaceship!! There was the huge city that was raised to the surface. Clearly not a ship however. They did have the one vehicle that the chick sees but it is clearly an underwater machine. I say the creatures are earth born and thats why they hate to see the other earth born species killing itself. and upon further watching of the flick they call the creatuers NTI's or non terestrial inteligence. not extra terestrial so I say they are earth born!!!!!!

and yes Kanis I did buy the Special edition and the Making of is over an hour long and just as good as the flick!!!

The Abyss is one of my most favorite films ever made and it is a movie that you can watch over and over again and not get tired of it. What I liked the most was how the actors really were under the water when they were filming the movie. The extended version was the best, it told more of the story.

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