What Is Your Favorite Place In The World?

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When Im really tired, I prefer my bed. And thats what I feel like now....

right on! when im ired i like my nice, warm bed too..........

Um, my fouton rules. I like the file room where I work. I put a CD player in there. A good escape at work

ice hockey rink...

i love the atmosphere. big grin

Nice and cold yes

have you ever tried sitting on the roof? i take my guitar up there and write... it prolly bugs my neighbors but, hey, im an aspiring artist! happy

laughing out loud

My favorite places in the world are, my bed I spend like i dont know how many hours in that thing., Golds Gym second favorite place, and hotels but particularly the Renisseance hotel in flordia that i stayed at in the world golf village now that was a place i can spend my whole life for real

Lord Soth
My basement

Late at night, I sit down here, posting and listening to music, being all alone and yet having so many people to talk to, it's awesome

total nettlehead
the best place in the world is up on stage infront of a good audience. when your up there performing nothing else matters except the music, and when theres a really great crowd, it can be the biggest adrenaline rush in the world yes

My fav place is my head, its all warm and fuzzy and I can just sooo get lost in there.... confused big grin

Depends on how I feel. But I could always go with a quiet place in nature. And in the arms of my bf love

Yes nothing like nipping to the woods for a bit... wink naughty

Not exactly what I meant but who knows... ever shifty

Dead alot
lol, depends on what mood I'm in. stick out tongue

My favorite place is King's Island big grin. I could go on and on about it,but I won't.

My favourite place is the Caribbean, Paris, and Downtown Toronto big grin
The Caribbean cuz it's warm and beautiful, Paris because it's the city of love love and I plan on visiting really soon, and Downtown T.O. cuz there's so much to do.

But in side my house I like my computer room, cuz that's where I can talk to you guys. My bedroom, where my warm comfy bed is sleep, and my family room, cuz that's where the fireplace is shifty

i've got a few favorite places. One of them is my room. i love it, it's warm and i'm alone there. Next place is Niagara Falls. The atmosphere of the town and the waterfall itself is just MAGICAL. it's very beautiful and i love it.

I have been there so many times yes
The main street with all the museums and such is a blast big grin

My fav place is on the basketball court...but the weight room is really fun too. I just like that feeling you get after you've spent a couple of hours working out hard....it makes you feel like you've accomplished something...

My favorite place is with you happy

My favorite place in the world is either at my desk on the computer. Or at my TKD school.

And... I would like to add The Weight Room. Although it can be tough. But like in D's sig "Suck It Up" yes

The seat of the bus!!!!!rock

my bed sleep

my aunts patio.


Lord Soth
I know what you mean, Niagara Falls is such an awesome place

a ski lodge, Mt spokane mostly

thatd be my room. nufin better than dealin wif me stereo and my sketchbooks

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