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I'm getting tired of Hary Potter (but I'll probably be obsessed again when the next book comes out) so I was thinking about changing my name to Neith (the Egyption goddess of war.) So, should I change my name to Neith, stick with Tonks, or change my name to something else?

Neith is a goddess of Lower Egypt particularly associated with Sais but soon incorporated into the national pantheon with a sanctuary at Memphis. According to legend Neith emerged from the primeval water to create the world. She followed the course of the Nile to the sea, and when reaching the Delta she formed the city of Sais.

In the New Kingdom she was regarded as the "god's mother who bore Re," whereby she assumed the position of a primeval goddess who was neither male nor female. She was the first to "create the seed of gods and men." She is the mother of Egyptian rulers. Also she was a mortuary goddess who watched over Osiris' brier along with Isis, Nephthys and Serket. The deceased received her divine power by means of the mummy's wrappings, for the bandages and shrouds were considered gifts of Neith, who was regarded as the patroness of weaving. Possibly there was an earlier proposal that her symbol was the weaver's shuttle.

When depicted in human form she wears the red crown of Lower Egypt, and in ancient times her pre-anthropomorphic symbol was a shield bearing crosses because she also was a local war goddess. This goddess of war also blessed hunters' weapons. The practice of placing weapons around the coffin in ancient Egyptian times could be traced to the goddess' protective functions.

She was sometimes asked to give advice and judgment, as, for example, in the eight-year war of the gods between Seth and Horus, which she advised Re in favor of Horus. In other legends she was the consort of Seth and mother of the crocodile god Sobek, which explains the proximity of her cult center in the Delta.

Crash Overload
personally in my opinion, I find that that NAme Suits you Well, Like, After seeing a picture of you, I would call you " Amanda", because that name would not suit you. You are known for that name is all I am saying. But then AgAIn, I know You better then that, which makes this a wast of typing becasue I am going to say that you can change it if you want, you are Adrienne, no sorry, The One and only Adrienne, Head Preistest and Founder of Adrienism, My Half Twin, and such and such stick out tongue

sorry but i couldn't be bothered to read most of your post tomks, but if you wanna change it, i say GO for it! but please, dont change it to nieth.........

i like ur name as it is Tonksyes...
but, its up to


Leave it smile

Change it to "Im_Awesome" stick out tongue

Go for it dude! I changed my name... I used to be crappy "agent killgit" but that sucked...

Gravity Kills
Tonks is not that bad of a name.

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