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I'm pumped! I'm excited! Guy Ritchie is making another crime drama. This time with Jason Statham and Ray Liotta. Lock Stock and Snatch are two of my favorite movies and I'm gald to see another one of a similar style coming out.

I second that emotion. His first two films are highly quotable, a sign of a quality product.

The Redeemer
Not as quotable as Harold Shand's lengthy SPEIL at the end of THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY, IMO! Now, there's a character's SCHTICK that could STICK!!! smokin'

Guy Richie is only known for who he's *f*cking*! angel

Alright! A trailer! Now that is what I'm talking about. Probably just 2 months or so away. I'm sure its easy to find the exact release date, but I'm too lazy.

Ya Krunk'd Floo
'Lock, Stock...' and 'Snatch' were fun, but I think he's lost it since then...Have you actually seen 'Swept Away'!?!?!?!

Movies have moved on since his "Owight, Guv? Apple an' pears" schtick...

Um, dude, that is a romance movie. You can't act like he's lost his touch since he made a chick flick. This is his genre and I have faith in him.

some trailerly goodness for you chaps

'Jason Statham and Ray Liotta'

Now that will very interesting to see, love Liotta.

Just read a review in the Guardian newspaper today and the reviewer didn't like this film at all, got a horrendous 1 star review.

One line in review:

'Because after Revolver, Swept Away now looks like Citizen Kane'

Oo er.

jings, cvivvens, help ma oor wullie would say...still going to see it though cause you know what most broadsheet critics are like...mark kermode wannabe arty farty bellends

I usually agree with Mark Kermode and the guy who said the above thing. But I always see a film to make up my mind anyway.

the films been slated by critics because it is so confusing i got it on dvd the other day and it is confusing, but there are some cool shot outs and it is very well directed, look out for the hit man hes cool in it.

i thing guy should direct hit man the movie(ps2 game)but he should not write it.....

Well its turned out to be nothing like Snatch and Lock Stock it was a movie that tried to make you think like Fight Club did but it tried too hard Statham and Liotta had absoloutely no chemistry on screen it was a stupid film which was filled with boring lectures throughout definately not rirchies best

Bumping le thread. I still don't see a DVD, and I don't remember a Theatrical release. confused

However, I did see some clips from youtube, and saw some mixed reviews.

There's a particularly interesting scene.

Yeah, I've been waiting for the DVD too.

Well... I don't know if you caught it, but at the Lionsgate panel at Comic-Con, someone asked Jason Statham if Revolver would ever get a US release. He said that they are "currently in negotiations" to get a US release "soon." So... expect a theatrical US release soon, straight from Jason Statham's mouth.

Thanks for the heads up big grin

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