No More ESPN Football...

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Apparently, EA Sports has bought the rights to be the exclusive distributor/creator of NFL video games, so, no more ESPN NFL games.

EA Buys NFL Rights

Royal Knight
um is that a good thing or bad thing

I personally think EA makes great sports titles...Example the MADDEN games...

Maybe EA can do something better with this ESPN thing


just MHO

this is horrible for the customers now that EA had to buy out everything now that ESPN was giving Madden some competition. Now they can just keep leaving Madden the same every year like they always do, just with roster updates, and not have to worry about the consequences because there are no other football games. EA has really turned into a cancer for gaming.

Shaolin Monk
Madden only makes minor changes each year, excluding the rosters...such as the hit stick...which is why i only have Madden 02 and Madden 05...there was no reason to get 03 and 04

I'd have to say I like EA Games better than ESPN games...but I don't like what they are doing with this. EA should take a leaf outta ESPN's book, and drop the price.

I feel this is jut wrong. Espn was a over all better game than madden was. It was cheaper, had all sorts of cool options and fantastic gameplay.


Agree ^^^^^^^^^^^

That's strange...

well, i've always liked Madden

Sith Master X
Yeah this totally sucks, and shows no class on EA's behalf. They did this for one reason only, and that is because ESPN was becoming the better game. While I do love both Madden and ESPN, I'm thoroughly pissed because now EA has no worries of competition. That means they can produce what ever the hell they want without having to worry about getting beat.

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I'm pretty hooked on ESPN NBA 2K5 right now, and believe they really did have a superior product. I've got my complaints, though. Especially for 24/7 mode not being position specific in its training.

That is unless they deem it necessary for created players like "Toby Stevens", a 7'0, 240 lb center, to be able to shoot 3 pointers, and beat Oscar Robinson to win stat points. thumb down

football games are terribal

The ESPN series sucked. You know a series blows when you put it OUT on RELEASE DAY for $19.99! Madden is the best for football games, and Blitz is the best for ridiculous tackles.

ESPN can still produce a football game. It just cannot have NFL in it. But they can still have football. If people love the game sooo much, you shouldnt care if you run with Number 22 instead of Emmitt Smith.

But its suppose to be a football simulation.

wow, way to judge a game based on its price buddy.

yea....a good game for a low competitve price that would only make madden games better.....dame you NFL2k series....DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

$19.99 is a price point for people who don't want to or can't afford to shell out $55 every year for virtually the same game. It was a profitable strategy, and a shame EA are playing football Nazi's.

Can't really blame EA for wanting to dominate the area of football games. It's a huge market, and now that there is no competition they'll probably double thier profits.

I read today that Midway is going to make a new football game witht he help of the old ESPN folk. Something along the lines of their BLITZ games. Ic an't understand how anyone would really get interested in a game like that with out the names. It sounds shallow, but its true. Who wants to play as the Phoenix Thunder Lions, or dumb made-up teams like that?!?!!?

Its still a stimulation if the actual football game is still accurate. It sucks if you cant play as your favourite football player or team, but if you thought and loved the gameplay soo much over Madden, then it shouldnt bother you.

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