Superman vs. Green Lantern

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A bit lop sided? Maybe not. One of the most powerful men in the DC universe vs. a chap wielding one the the most powerful weapons in the DC universe (The GL ring with no weakness). So, what began as an argument over what kind of Pizza toppings to have at the Justice League Christmas party quickly turns into a fight for survival... and Pizza.

Will Superman smash the Lantern, or maybe chuck him into the sun, or just win? Or will the Lantern give Superman a thrashing? Could he make a green Superman? So, who will win...

muffin man
green lantern

Hmm, think about it, Green Lantern, trusty soldier of the JL, Superman, leader of JL, hmm I'd go with Kal-EL anyday..

Did you see the Doomsday battle? Dooms took on the "entire" green lantern team AND the JL WITH Green lantern, Dooms whooped all their asses hands down with no problem..Superman came and fought Dooms down to the letter and although dying in the process Kal-EL managed to take Dooms down with him single-handedly, all by himself, so if Superman didn't "show up" the planet would have fell victim to Dooms onslaught...So my point in a nutshell:

Dooms>Green lantern/JLA,Green Lantern team


Superman>Green Lantern

Face it, Superman's more durable and can take more damage head-on, more-power, more abilities to work with, has more battle smarts, more skill and beaten tougher opponents...Yeah, green has a fancy ring but enemies in the past have found ways to break free of the rings power and clobber him from time to time, one of earth's strongest heroes and Leader of a team with Green lantern on it would also find a way to break free of the rings power and land a blow in which Green wouldn't get up from....Supes wins hands down....

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Note: I know how you feel, but don't use that language in here, okay?

norrin radd
i would say supes, but someone said once that GL once created kryptonite with his ring and beat superman.

wouldn't it depend on the green lantern? I think Hal Jordan at his best, right after he kicks the crap out of all the other green lanterns could beat superman

This thread's been done a few times already.

And I think Hal Jordan would be a match (if not more) for Superman.

Hal Jordan before he become Parallax, so when he has destroy the GL Corp, would give Superman a run for his money and probably win after a great battle.Hal possess a great will, fantasy, can enhance his strenght and other physical abilities with his ring like creating an armor around himself and then go smashing Supes, who will stay and fight cause he's not fighting a dumb enemy but Hal Jordan, one of the greatest heroes of DC Universe, i think that the Doomsday battle VS GL Corp show that the are a few GL capable of really use the powers of the ring, like Hal, like Alan Scott, Kyle hasn't got sufficient experiecen and take his role of hero without the sufficient importance, so i don't put him against Supes.
Also Kyle was going to be smacked down by Wonder Man without too much problems, so this match must be Hal Jordan VS Post Crisis Superman.

hal kicked supermans a$$ at zero hour. superman has admitted that GL is more powerful than any of the justice league. However, in Red son (admittedly, an elseworlds tale), superman took on an entire league of gl corps and defeated them all. He said something like "it's not too smart to use a thought based weapon against somebody who can move faster than thought"

ayjay many green lanterns are there? like in da whole corp

Hal would win.

David Duchovony

Just reading back, is it true the Green Lantern (say Hal) could create Kryptonite witht he Ring as norrin radd said?

supes would trash kyle... as for hal... thats a tough one.

when did Doomsday friggin fight the GL corps???

i want that friggin issue/issues...

what the hell are they called. please pm me with a reply, so i dont have to keep track of this thread.

When Hal Jordan fought Superman, Hal created kryptonite with the ring.

why would it be tough to trash hal if he could trash kyle...which he couldn' hal supposed to be more powerful than kyle?....if hal can conjur up kryptonite...whats to stop kyle from doin the same thing?

Green Lantern cannot beat Superman....

For goodness sakes have any of you even read the Death/Return of Superman?

Basically in that entire Saga DC acknowledges that Superman is the most powerful super-hero on the face of the planet. When Doomsday arrives, everyone in the DC universe takes a crack at him...and loses INCLUDING the "entire" green lantern corp., and the "Justice League". ONLY Superman was able to stop Doomsday, everyone else either gave up and left or were floored and incapable of doing "any" kind of damage..Superman rose and battled Dooms and it was a "draw"..That-says-it-all...Read the fine print on the issue of Supes death..."Here lies the Man of Steel, Earths' greatest hero"....Nuff said....

Hal couldn't even dent Doomsday let alone be durable, strong-enough, battle smart, and versatile enough to compete with the likes of Doomsday..Only Superman was strong enough to go *** for tat with DC's strongest enemy..

Hal may land blows here and there but Hal is not durable enough to take "any" of Superman's blows, Superman is eons faster, more intelligent, versatile, and has WAY more battle experience...We all know good and well Hal is not going to create Kryptonite and just bash around dc's greatest hero, its going to be a good battle up to where Superman lands a blow on Lantern, that's all Kal-EL needs "one hard planet shattering blow" and its OVA!! Supes can take ALOT of direct damage from Lantern but the same can't be said for vice versa..

(Oh yeah)
Badspellah: I wasn't comparing Doomsday to Superman in any way in my previous post, I was using Dooms as a measuring stick, i.e. Dooms and Superman were a draw but yet Dooms beat teams with Hal on do the math my friend...

i think the reason why GL could take superman..andnot doomsday..was that doomsday didnt have any apparent weakness that the GL could exploit....whereas superman yeeh..superman IS more powerful than GL, but like ppl have said...conjur up a lil bit of 'kryptonite' and the fight goes favourably towards GL

really does depend on the type of green lantern power and the person wielding it, if we are talkin about hal gordon as parallex than there is no way that even superman prime could beat him{hey he also beat up the SPECTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1} let alone our normal superman, but then again, if its kyle{before becoming ion}, he would get his ass kicked by superman.

summing up, AVERAGE GL vs SUPES, superman wins

ION or PARALLEX vs SUPES, superman gets the beating of a lifetime

I'm not talking about any parallex GL or Superman prime, I'm talking about regular everyday Superman vs everyday Green Lantern..point blank...

Leonheart: You think people haven't "already" used kryptonite to exploit Superman's "weakness"? Wake up and smell the java, many enemies "try" and use Kryptonite to topple Superman and in the end Superman's battle intellect reigns supreme..

In the past many villains overcame the power of the ring and gave GL a good ole fashioned spankin', the leader of the JL and overall quitisential superhero of all time would find a way as well, you're doing Superman an injustice by saying Green Lantern would simply use his ring, create Kryptonite and knock Superman form pillar to post, Superman is not THAT simple, you compare him to a mere soldier, this man leads Green lantern(and the entire Justic Guild for that matter), I just can't see Kal-EL lose that stupidly and easily...

No, Dooms didn't have a weakness in which Green lantern could exploit but that is irrelevant, you're saying that if GL doesn't find a weakness against an opponent then he and his ring is helpless?

In order for the Green Lantern to "create" Kryptonite he needs to know the composites used in its ingredients, otherwise it would just be a green rock...Besides that GL's power is based on willpower, imagniaiton etc...if he doesn't fully believe he can beat Superman he would lose..

Actually, a Green Lantern doesn't need to know how something is built to make it, he just needs a simple understanding of how it works. And from what I've heard, a Green Lantern (can't remember which) has already made Kryptonite with his ring, so that arguement's out. And to beat Superman, it depends on the GL also. Kyle would lose, John could come close, but would eventually fall. Hal has the best chance against Supes, being that he's the more experienced and the strongest willed, and if he knew he needed to beat Superman, he'd know he had to believe it. And as far as battle intellect goes, Hal was a war hero before becoming a GL, and spent years fighting intergalactic threats that would give Superman hell on nearly a regular basis. He was also the Green Lantern that beat every other Green Lantern, and against about 3600 strong, that's a hell of a feat. I'd say if there's anyone on the league that has a chance against Superman, Hal's one of the people on that list.

Oh, and you don't see Superman losing to simple kyptonite? I guess you don't remember Batman doing it then.

And, it's League, not Guild, if you didn't know already.wink

Tron:When did Batman actually defeat Superman? Are you referring to the "cartoon"(the source deemed unofficial by yourself on another thread??), that's the "only" time I remember Batman ever getting the upper-hand on Supes and he still didn't "win" the fight...

Besides the cartoon I want you to show me an actual link or comic where Batman beat Superman using Kryptonite or did you just "hear" someone say it on this forum and "assume" you can use it to your advantage??The truth of the matter is those two "never" battled head on and to the death in "any" comic book, you're just going off of bs..Until you post a comic summary or link then I'm not going to even acknowledge that statement further...

Ok, Green Lantern "can or already has" created Kryptonite with his/her ring, BUT yet you say that Kyle and John would lose in a battle with Superman...WHY..if your total argument is based on Superman getting beaten so easily by any lantern creating Kryptonite then WHY and HOW would he defeat Kyle and John in your eyes?? Would thier Kryptonite not be as effective as Hal's?? If Superman CAN somehow "manage" to defeat Kyle and John despite the Kryptonite factor "in your eyes" then how come he can't "manage" to do the same with Hal??

i just have to say there are alot of pages to this forum. i have been on for some time but thrity fricken three damn this has only been open since late august.

Tought battle here. Too tight to call cause it could go either way but I would go with Superman unless the GL had the willpower to create Kyptonite.

everyone seems to give kyle a hard time...saying he can be smacked around by supes...but hal would axe supes.....the two GL's cant be that spaced in their abilities..can they?.....if kyle believes that he NEEDS to beat superman...then why cant he?....hal has more experience i guess....but if both created kryptonite....kryptonite is does the job....

It's in "The Dark Knight Returns" comic series OJ, NOT any cartoon. It's talked about all the time on here, I'm surprised you don't know about it, it's pretty much common knowledge on here.

And, my opinion about Hal winning winning over Kyle or John has nothing to do with the whole kryptonite arguement, I was getting away from that arguement altogether.

GL takes it. I hate Supes!

hal has more willpower and experience than kyle. kyle is too cocky.

with kryptonite he has a chance

but i still say supes.

GL all the way dudes.

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