Review: Closer

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The new movie, starring Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Clive Owen and Nick Hobbs.

Photographer Anna (Julia Roberts) meets Dan (Jude Law), an aspiring novelist, at a photo shoot. But time passes and she goes on to marry dermatologist Larry (Clive Owen). Meanwhile, Dan begins dating Alice (Natalie Portman), a stripper, but he continues an affair with Anna. After the secret relationship is exposed, Larry and Anna begin a flirtatious friendship.

Originally a play, it's been brought to the big screen by Mike Nichols. I want to see this movie, unfortunately I'm exactly two months shy of 17. Has anyone seen it, or heard much about it? It's had rave reviews, and Natalie Portman is up for possible Academy Award nominations for her role as Alice. Anyone that's seen it, please post your review.

saw it tonight i thought it was very good..
Technically the movie is seamless Hollywood. Cinematography, editing and the score are all up to major release standards. The content of the film might be a bit much for some people: the language is often foul and there is some nudity and powerful sexual situations. The actors all did a great job with their characters.. there are almost no lines read by someone other then the main 4.. maybe 2 that i can remember.. the movie pretty much focuses all on dialogue and shows a couples relationship and their interaction with another 2 people over a period of about 4 years and tends to focus on pivatal points and their worst moments.. the movie is pretty much about sex, love, and relationships.... and it portrays a very real accurate view on all of it... this is NOT a hollywood love story.. it is far more raw.. Definantly not a movie for kids mainly because they wouldnt even understand it but the langauge is pretty bad... A lot of people could be bored by this movie.. but I thought it was very interesting and everything about it was done well especially with the absolutely great performances by, natalie, jude, julia, and clive... I dont know that Id take your bf or gf though cause it might make you think about some things lol..

id say 8ish-10

I want to see it - but havent had a chance yet...
just saw in the preview that Natalie Portman had a certain look from The Professional

Going tomorrow to see it, yay! I love Jude Law

yea she has short black, brown, red, and pink hair, and longer blonde and brown hair in the film lol.. girl of many looks..

just rememberd a couple cool quotes from the film..

there not really plot spoilers but i guess they sorta could be..

natalie: ""lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but its more fun if you do"

Julia: Love bores you.
jude: No. It disappoints me

and my favorite

Clive owen: "god you have the face of an angel"
natalie portman: "thank you" (in stripper outfit aka a thong and bra)
clive: "whats your cun t taste like?"
natalie: "heaven"

just saw Closer - and I thought Natalie portman was amazing

Andrew McLeod
Amazing acting. I'll post my review right now for all your viewing pleasure.

Andrew McLeod

-a harsh and realistic account of the calamities that befall the naive and unfaithful.

What can I say? I absolutely loved this movie. It made love seem so ugly and hurtful, which it can be at times. There was no sugarcoating and the movie came across with such brutal honesty that it seemed shocking at times.

Dan meets Alice and falls in love. But Dan then meets Anna, who turns him down. Dan's venegeful trick leads to Anna and Larry falling in love. But Anna and Dan still have this infactuation towards each other. Larry thinks he's in love with Alice who's still with Dan. Where's this complicated situation to lead? It's fun to watch these people follow their every passion and lust only to be crushed with each plot turn. It seems like a call to control your lusts and focus on making faithful relationships work.

The acting was top notch and the writing was really good with such sharp wit and believablity. The movie had a very artistic feel to it and many of the shots in the movie was incredibly breathtaking in terms of cinematography. One thing that got on my nerves was the characters, none of them really seemed to earn my sympathy with the exception of Alice. That is until the end when a big plot twist was explosed. Either way that was a small thing, perhaps it was needed to keep the movie as harsh as possible and avoid us getting attached to characters (which leads to sappiness).

The movie was rated 14A here in Canada, which seemed a fair bit lax when I saw it. I was shocked at the amount of explicit sexual dialogue in the film in conjunction with it's 14A rating. But only when thinking of the rating, I guess Canada's just not as tight with ratings these days.

A definate 10/10 from me.


Would one classify 'Closer' as a chick flick?

I'll probably end up renting it.

Ditto, just b/c Natalie Portman has grown on me since "Garden State".

Jackie Malfoy
Blah another pointless movie that should had flaped.But it did not.JM

You saw it, Jackie?


You shouldn't base your opinion on a movie that you havn't even seen.

far from it a chick flick would be more like legaly blonde or win a date with tod hamilton.. just because its main point is relationships doesnt have to make it a chick flick i dont think

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