POTC 3 Released in 2007!

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POTC is expected to be released in theaters in 2007 i got it from the disney website, can't remember it sorry. So there is going to be a third one...interesting...I trust that both will be good, but I hope everyone returns for the third. I heard that Johnny Depp may not do the third one because he doesn't want to be a blockbuster star, by the way I like Johnny more mainstream, it means more Johnny on the TV!!!! big grin

He already signed up for the third one didn't he? Ok everyone must see Secret Window it really isn't that scary and will leave you talking about screwdrivers for a while I don't want to tell you the story so I'll be shuting up now.

#1fan Sparrow
Thats not fair I'm going to be 17 by the time the 3rd movie will come out Im going to go see the secret window tommorow Saturday 13

hehe, i'll be 17 this year!big grin im older than u! in 2007, i'll be um 20? omg im gonna be 20 when POTC 3 comes out!shocking thats crazy! will i still be interested in it? i better be!
oh, i wanted to see 'secret window' today but i saw 'hildago' instead... i'll prolly see it 2morrow or sunday... big grin that movie looks good...so its not that scary? aw, pity..
i wonder what potc3 will be about? heck i wonder what the 2nd will be about... hopefully lots of Will, and of course Jack happy

mrs martin
ACTUALLY, IT'S RELEASED IN 2005 smokin' rock beer evil face

jack's dudess
er.no....that's potc 2 your thinkin about...

oh no. I hope jhonny/jack is in the third. Jhonny never cared about being famouse or not. He should still feel that way and he should go for roles becuse he loves them. That was his old view and now dare i say it... he is becoming a poser.

#1fan Sparrow
You are going to be 17 this year wow you are older thatn me I'm going to be 14 this year. sad smile big grin

uh...NO...johnny is not a poser-u cant even spell his name rite! yay i cant wait till potc 2 and 3 Happy Dance yea i think johnny did sign up for all 3 anyway-ooooooo i saw secret window yesterday-the day it came out-it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
o awesome!!!! and johnny waz soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hott! i felt bad for mort though, about his wife-how could u cheat on a man like him????? o well-i wanna c it again and again, god hes so hott eek!

::glares and scoffs::

::murmers under breath:: *insult insult* i saw secret window too.... words and such *insult insult*

Orlando Bloom03
OMG I soo hope theres going to be a POTC 3!!! I'll be like 17 when it comes out or something like that....

sh*t i'm goin to be 19!!! AAAHHH!
well i was watchin entertainment tonight or i think it was access hollywood? well i was watchin one of them and they were interviewing jerry bruckheimer and he said that they're gonna be filming POTC 2 & 3 TOGETHER just like what peter did in lord of the rings...that's gonna take too long and i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1fan Sparrow
I think its bad when you spell Johnny Depp wrong

#1fan Sparrow
No not really never mind dont take it as an insult

wow. if thats true about 2007 then i'll be 17 or 18, depending on what month it comes out. i can't wait that long. i dunno if ill even like POC then!! what if i dont? what if, by that time, DVDs are like obsolete and we've forgotten all our old movies and have created like 3D movies and POC has been utterly dejected and forgetten and people have foud out how to create perfect, fake actors and actors are no longer needed and people are worshipping fake actors thinking theyre real...

ok i will stop now before i get too carried away. sorry about all that.

its not my fault.. well actually it is.. ok im sorry just when i just heard of him back in the day i spelt it wrong then i tried hard not to do it but it was a habbit.. it never botherd someone before but for now on ill try hard to spell it wright

lol. maybe u should start off with the word "wright" (as u wrote it)or "right" (as it was supposed to be spelled)

no i'm just kidding. spell "right/wright" however the hell u want. i dont care. i was just ummm making a very very lame attempt to amuse myself. he he i like to amuse myself. sorry.

I saw secret windwo and i didn't like it that much YEA HE WAS SOOOOOOO FREAKIN HOT!!!! and i like it don't get me wrong but Pirates was WAY better. and i really hope he'll do the third one. that would be awsome. I know he's doin the 2nd one. i think we all know that by now...

oh and johnny (^_^) isnt a pozer sorry but maybe he is just being hyprocritical

i meen his hole "i dont care what the world thinks of me" attitude is one of the reasons why i love him but now he cares if people think of him as a "block buster star"

i think that is kinda hypricritical..

grr secret window isn't out here yet.

im lost.

ewww screwdrivers! I can't look at my dog and screw drivers in the same room. (not giving ANYTHING away) I also can't deal with mirrors or hats... big... black... hats....

ok now i'm really lost. im assuming that means i need to c the secret window. my mom'll never let me tho. an theres like tons of other movies i wanna 3 (including LOR 3 for the 3rd time and hidalgo for the 2nd time)

hey guys look at the bright side if we are all like 18 or 19 than there can be a posibility of a love interest for johnny.....hey it could happen

i should hope that a 40 + man wouldn't date a teenager. that would be a little ...

YAY is PoTC 2 comin out in 2007?


paula 7
I think he might do it if the moneys right who would turn down 20 mill a shot huh! if he don't want to do it I do. I can say savvy all day long

How can PoTC 3 com out the same year as 2?

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