Titanic - Does Rose die?

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Everyone has pretty much seen this movie, and its an oldy but a goody!!

One thing that I want to know it, at the end when Rose drops the diamond in the water and then the next scene is she's in bed looking at all her photos. Has she just died?
Some people say she knew she was going to so there for threw the diamond into the ocean and other people say no she's just sleeping. I have no idea, she's nearly 101 so yea!!

Does anybody know and whats your thought about this movie ??

I like the movie is kinda shock me when they show the boobies becuz i was only 6 and i also cry not becuz of the boobies but the ppl dying.

It would be quite like a movie to do that. I am still shocked she threw away the diamond at all.... damn, it was a valuable artifact, it belonged in a museum! She better have died, because one Indiana Jones would be very upset with her.

I remember that scene; and i think it was pretty obvious that she died erm. The movie was awesome, tho. The best part was when the ship sank; nice effects thumbup.

uh she dies duh

No, they are going to revive 101-year old Rose for the sequel - Titanic II: Rebounding Rose - where she shacks up with some 25 year old hunk on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. It starts to sink when it is blasted by missles from Cuba after accidentally entering a no-boating zone.

After her hunk drowns in the bathtub in an unrelated sequence, Rose ends up having to take out the Cuban attackers using techniques she picked up during her stint with the Special Forces unit during her mid-90's. She takes out the missle launchers and ends up going after the cruise ship captain in a fleeting display of lust, but she unfortunately mistakes a coat rack for him and punctures her throat instead and then dies, thus preventing a third installment for the trilogy.

Jackie Malfoy
No she does not die at the end of the movie she is telling the story and she is a old lady.JM

Well, yes. But she drops the blue diamond thing, then lies on a bed, apparently DIEING no expression

I haven't seen that movie since 1997 but I'm pretty sure she died.

Yea, she tells the story and then she goes and drops the diamond and is lying in bed. She looks kind of dead!!

Also whats up with the scene next ? Her going to meet Jack and everyone around her on the ship. Is that mean that she's died and finally seeing Jake again??

I thought the effects were quite good. One more thing how Rose is on that door and Jake is in the water, I don't see why other people didn't see that wood and tried to grab it but no one apparently saw it?? confused

I don't think she died, I think she was just dreaming but thats just what I thought


of course she dies

haha Merry Christmas and "She Dies" in the same sentence. stick out tongue


I'm assuming she did

from what i remember/understand of the movie, the "tells" or narrates the story in "current" time and it is visualized as the movie.

i believe after living the full life she promised to have done, and after the vivid reminders of her titanic love (haha pun) she tosses the diamond ( which caused so much trouble to begin with ) in a form of "letting go" like depicted in top gun. although in this case, when she "lets go" it's of her life as well, and passes away in peace


in my opinion, she does die and ends up on the titanic again, like everyone else did when they died. i think it's sort of like a heaven for those who were on the titanic.

she saw Jack and all the other dead people. she's going to the afterlife.

Did you guys think that it was a good ending like that?

I mean, her going back to the titanic?!

Yes, she does die. Look how old she is. Everyone dies.

By the way, this movie is overrated garbage.

Nicely put JKozzy. thumb up

Ermmm... I never ever watched Titanic but i watched the end of it and i think i really remember it... for me she just looked back at her life and that stuff with Leo DiCaprio (ummm wut was his name? i looked the movie from the death scene laughing ) and she looks at the photos. and the last thing she rememberd before she died was dropping the diamond into the ocean... well other people ,might knwo that better but that was the thing i imagined during watching this scene...

No she goes and drops the diamand. and then the camara just went around showing the pictures. and then i think she died and then went to be with jack in the after life

She did Die in that scene, As Jack Stated when he was in the water with her " You will live Old and have alot of kids, Then you will die in a Bed in your sleep" --- Somthing along those lines

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I remember hearing somwhere that you are supposed to come up with your own conclusion. Either she dies or she is dreamng.

Shes dies, but who cares anyways it was a crappy movie anyways.

Jack: You' re going to get out of this... you' re going to go on and you' re going to make babies and watch them grow and you' re going to die an old lady, warm in your bed. Not here. Not this night.

Rose dies imo.

Lord Soth
Of course she dies. She drops the diamond in the water, then dies in her sleep as an old, old woman, just as Jack predicted. The last scene at the end was her returning to the Titanic and reuniting with Jack

Btw, the film is sappy but effective

I thought that it was a good movie, as Lord Soth said sappy but effective....

Survey SAYS.......Rose dies. We're kinda floggin' a dead horse here, guys, so lets let Rose R.I.P. big grin

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