I have officially decided that...

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I'm going to collect Ben Stiller films! eek! List all of the films you can think of.

Here's what I can think of:

Starsky and Hutch
Meet the Parents
Meet the Fockers
Along Came Polly
There's Something About Mary
Keeping the Faith
Mystery Men

Happy Dance

Ben Stiller???
who is that ??

i didnt like Zoolander or Meet the Parents-- havent see Fockers yet

but love Reality Bites

The Cable Guy

Was he in that one - "He Died with a Falafel in his hand" -?

An Impressive collection I would admit. I think he is a pretty good actor, and is usually pretty humourous.

Other Movies I know he has been in: - The Royal Tenenbaums
- Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (not a major part, but eh)

hes in Happy gilmore

You guys missed two of his biggest dramatic roles in "Permanent Midnight" and "Reality Bites".

Collect Rob Schnieder movies their better.

That was Matthew Broderick.

Yeah right, every one of them suck. Except for Deus Biggalo, it had a few laughs.

Stiller was in "The Cable Guy", basketball game scene to be precise.

Avoid getting 'Envy' you'll only be disappointed. I thought it would be great seeing as it had Jack black and Christopher walken in it as-well.The movie is literally a load of crap.

Are you serious? Rob Schneider does the movies that Adam Sandler rejects. Thats Adam Sandler, the least funniest man in hollywood.

Ben Stiller's ok, Something About Mary is a classic, but mostly he's in shit. You'd should really spend your money on something more worthwhile, collect DeNiro's movies. For the same price (or less) you'd be getting 5 of the greatest movies of alltime.

Rememeber the whole thing about how the twin killed his brother that was on TV in the movie, he was the twin.

Jackie Malfoy
So far I like all his movies. Did you see him in his first movie "Heavey weights" it is very funny!JM

Shit, sorry about that.

I love that movie laughing


are you kidding? no expression

I agree with Deathblow Adam Sandler is just not funny he plays the same character in most of his movies.

Red Superfly

What about the Cable Guy? He directed (or produced, cant remember) that and had a cameo in it as a killer on trial. Under-rated film too.

lets look at this a bit

billy madison - spoiled rich kid boarderline retarded trying to go to school. love story very unlikely

happy gilmore - washed up hockey player turned golfer trying to help grandma.. has an anger problem. love story fairly unlikely

wedding singer - low budget wedding singer but completely about him trying to get a girl which he does.. no real personal issues this time just a crappy job. love story was a fairly believeable one

big daddy - lazy guy livin off law suit money. gets a kid screws around with him.. starts to like bein a parent loses the kid learns about him self. lost his girl got a new one.. love story was a believable one

i know this is about ben stiller dvd's but i get tired of people bashin adam sandler for playing the same character while they do have similaritiies and a lot of his movies use a similar formula he still has played a lot of different types of people and has done some dramatic work..

Don't get Along Came Polly. Horrible movie. None of the humor was related to the movie (ie. the basketball scene). The funny was cheap laughs that added no significance to the movie.

i 2nd that

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001774/? fr=c2l0ZT1kZnxteD0yMHxzZz0xfGxtPTIwMHx0dD1vbnxwbj0

all the things he has appeared on wink

ben stiller is a decent comedic actor, but he makes some really bad movie decisions. The last funny movie i saw him in was the royal tenenbams

I never saw "The Royal Tenenbaums"... sad

I found it more depressing than funny

Don't forget about "Punch Drunk Love", he played a completely different character in that.

Lord Soth
Well.....I'm going to start collecting Niclolas Cage movies! bwahaha

The Rock
Raising Arizona
City of Angels
Con Air
The Family Man
Matchstick Men
Windtalkers (not at his best)
Leaving Las Vegas
Gone in 60 Seconds
8 MM
Snake Eyes
National Treasure (when it comes out)

And let's not forget what's coming out this year...Lord of War and The Weather Man. Cage rules

Stiller has a cameo in Tenacious D's video for the song "Tribute". Not in it for long but the video is hilarious.

Nic Cage......PISSES ME OFF....because he has a TENDANCY to SHOUT nearly every one of... HIS LINES! Connery outdoes him in The Rock, as do Buscemi and Travolta in Con Air and Face/Off. Matchstick Men was poor, City of Angels unbearably cheesy and Gone in 60 Seconds was pants. So there.

Congrats Hun! Happy Dance roll eyes (sarcastic)

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