If you had a time turner...

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The Ones
what will you use it for?

Wat Tambor
LoL dunno where would you use it for

to change a few things outa my past wink

The Ones

If I had a time turner i will use it for going back in time and getting a time turner form when i had it because I'm only using it now... geek

The Ones
im going to pretend i understood the last part of that

^^same here confused ..............anyway eek! i DO hav a time turner!! it doesnt really work of course but it does spin & stuff it even came w/ a display case & its real gold to but i cant remember how many karats i know its either 14k or 24k but its one or the other & it came w/ a certificate of authenticity from The Noble Collections & it even has an inscription around the rim that says "i mark the hours every one nor have i yet outrun the sun my use & value unto you are guaged by what you have to do"....its really neat i got it for christmas but the reason i cant remember how many karats it is is b/c i also got a hogwarts crest key chain & its supposed to b either 14k or 24k but i cant remember which ones which....i also got gringotts money (1galleon, 1sickle, & 1knut), & i gotta wand thats a complete replica of hermoine's that came in an ACTUAL ollivander's case, AND i also got the collector's edition of mcgonagall's giant chess board.......except mine isnt life-size & the pieces dont move on their own.............................but anyway to tell u the honest truth if my time turner really did work i dont know wat id do w/ it wink

The Ones
me, ill go to school, come back turn back six hours and stay home. then i get an education and freedom

pretty angel
i would change all those embrassing moments or terrible mistakes i make ! big grin

yeah thas pritty much the only thing i can think of

~Air Angel~
ok............... let's keep this on HP topic..........

relate the time turner to what you would change in the HP books....go back and change...etc.............

(you can make this funny, evil, for revenge...etc...... big grin)

The Ones
everyone ruins everything i do... i was keeping this to seeing what people would change in there lives now its only in the hp world. jeez....

lol well it is an hp forum, y'know stick out tongue


If I had a Time Turner, I would go back and change when Voldy killed Lily and James and see what effects that would have on the future. Like, would Voldy still be after Harry for whatever reason or whatever? I dunno but it would be migtly interesting to see.

..I'd rewind to bk3 and capture Peter Pettigrew when he escaped at the end..

Probably kill harry. You know get good with voldemort, than kill him with the same dagger. Than I would rich and famous, and junk. But if I were good... well thats just another story.

~Air Angel~
lol! (TO, I wasn't trying to mess up your thread, it was either this or delete it for getting HP OFT.....sorry.........) big grin

I'd probably do what Tassie said, go back and get Pettigrew, OR if we don't hear about Sirius in Book 6 then go back and tell Sirius not to go to the MoM...then he wouldn't be in danger or dead sad !!!

i would screw up lily & james's relationship somehow so that harry nvr wouldve been born! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! evil face

That...is so cruel.
I would probably re-write tests. Heh heh heh...

Changing the past is not exactly a great idea though for major things....like, for example.....The Butterfly Effect. Strange movie.

id go bak in time and fix up all of me mistakes

I wouldn't
if you mess with time you gonna break something

^^ thas wat makes it fun! wink

I think I would go back to the first book when harry was about to find out he was a wizard and get the letter and give it to him when he is alone.

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terra grl 123

If I had a Time Turner, I'd be highly trusted in order to get one, they dont hand they out to any one... whistle whistle

If i had a time turner i would be able to go back and change my exam results

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