How can people in Zion breathe?

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Lil Seraph
My dad was giving me a lecture a while ago, when he said if we cut down all the trees in the world, what happens, no oxygen, he said. I blanked out after that he kept talkin but i started thinking people in Zion have to be able to breathe or they die we can last 30 minutes or sumthin without oxygen. If they're are no plants/trees in Zion how can there be any oxygen.

Happy Dance

It could be artificially produced. There may also be arboretums or something that we did not see in the films where the oxygen produced by the plants was collected. Hmm...

They had machines in the scene where Neo was taken down to the mechanical level by Harmon.. those were the oxygen/water/life machines. roll eyes (sarcastic)

with the technology they have, they can produce make-shift trees that can break down carbon dioxide. if they have machines to disect molecules, they also have ways of fusing them, so they pretty much have everything they need to survive... air, water, food...

Yesm rather than get into details, it is simple to assume that Zion has full life support systems.

i dont remeber much but i think hanman and neo were discussing abt th erecycling sys. but from their conversation abt our dependence on them and theirs on ours we can conclude that they have the sys with them.........

Zion would have loads of life support systems, which could produce oxygen themselves or even get it from other compunds/elements such as calcium rock stuff whatever its called *can't think what its called*

That's how it is with people, no-one knows how it works just as long as it works.

I have absolutely no idea how the people of Zion breathe but perhaps there is a reason for that, I just hope I find out before it's too late.

Well they are in the engineering level they talk about if they were to destroy/shutdown those machines that were there, then the air, the heat, and lights would not work... I think they have one machine for every human need... to produce food, to remove waste, to clean water, to produce oxygen, to clean carbon dioxide, and so on.

At least that is what I got from the movie... but after all, this is a VERY GOOD QUESTION/THREAD Lil Seraph. smokin'

thats a pretty good question but you would have to assume that they had some life supports system somehow

If I had to guess, I would say that if plants and trees can convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen, then the people of Zion could have made a machine that did the same.

After all where there are humans, then as a result there is Carbon Dioxide.

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