Elle Driver

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i really like her now. she had a sense of humor

But she deserved her eye ripped out.

Yeah she had it coming but she was ok.

She kicks ass

She is hot and lethal! And also blind.

well beatrix left her alive unlike the others so she should be thankful. and if she can give budd a million dollars she can afford new eyes. if that black mamba didn't get her

I think that money belong to Bill. But now that Bill is dead is most likely Elle will inherit that money and might seek revenge in KB vol. III. (if there is a sequel. wink )

Well, considering she was stumbling around blind, and there was a snake in the trailer, I think you are supposed to assume she dies.
And you can get replacement eyes now?

yeah you can replace eyes, but i don't know what the go is if you have your eye torn out, that'd take the optical cord and everything, making a transplant practicly impossible. and the snake would have killed her anyway, even if she'd gotten out of the trailer alive, she'd have died in the elements trying to find her way to town

Elements mean nothing to a member of the DiVAS! I'm sure she could survive the elements, the snake's the only dilemma I see here. It's quite possible she's alive

She can also become a blind Kung fu Master. Or a blind swordwoman kinda like Zatoichi.

So if you can get you're eyes replaced, why are there still blind people, surely they would get their eyes replaced?

Well..aside from all the technicalities flying around here, I thought Elle was a great villain, she was so ****ing horrible you just can't help liking her. The way she sat there and read all that stuff about the mamba to Budd while he was dying a slow painful death, that was pure Tarantino genius. The part where she dresses up as a freaky nurse in Vol. 1, that was so David Lynch. Scary lady.

Daryl Hannah's come a long ass way since Splash yes

~shudder~ ugh, Splash was horrible

Was that the mermaid film?

Anyway, I thought she was pretty good in Bladerunner.

Ogami Itto
She was perfect : Hot and Deadly and she acted good

Elle... droolio

I loved her. Now the eye being ripped out, she definitely had that coming. She was so evil, yet I couldn't help liking her.

Liked Ms. Hannah in Bladerunner as well.

I Love Elle Driver-I dressed up as her for Halloween, and I also hated Splash.

Death Incarnate
She was fcking excellent. I'd love to be like her.

I love the whole; "I'm gonna kill you, and it has to be done, but while you wait, here is a little info on your sysmptoms." how generous of her.

All that effort.

Death Incarnate
i couldnt help but cringe in awe when she was like "Thas right, I killed your Master! And now im going to kill you too, with your own sword, no less... Which in the very immediate future will be MY SWORD"

i also liked budd and vernita

Did you know that QT got the idea for her character from the Swedish movie Thriller. A Cruel Picture? A revenge-movie were Christina Lindberg has the matching eye-patch-thing. Pink patch for pink dress, red patch for red dress, and it's a revenge-movie too.

Heaven's Sword
I loved the part when she read about the Black Mamba. I also liked that song she whistled in Volume !1.

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