Guts/Gore -VS- Violence

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Is Violence the same thing as gore? I mean on the back of some dvds it has that thing which indicates wether a film contains violence, swearing and footage of an adult nature. But I can't tell between the two.


Dawn Of The Dead - Easily one of the most gory films of 2004. Yet it didnt bother me one bit, the gore i mean. I could have watched that at 12 years old and not felt sickened by it what-so-ever. Yet....

Romper Stomper - An Austrailien film about gangs of 'skin heads' beating up people of another race. Now although this does have abit of gore in, it was more violent. The fact that they nearlly beat 3 Asians to death in the first scene of the film and a 12 year old kid got shot in the head nearer the end. Made me feel more uncomfortable then watching dawn of the dead.


Gore is nothing.

That means your a girl

Violence isn't close to being the same thing as gore. Violence is well say your watching "Equilibrium" loads of people getting shot, but not much blood=violence. "Dawn of The Dead" loads of people getting shot and when they do you see there insides/blood flying out.

I respect the two elements in their popular genres. So, both.

Guts/Gore is from the human body. Violence is just hurting one another

True but if you were to class a film as being 'gory' then you would see these organs in the first-person and guts and gore usually comes from a violent act!

Doesnt it?

Either one, it doesn't matter.

I would say violence is more about people getting the crap beat out of each other, gore is more about them being disembowelled in some horrific way.

Blasphemy! Gore is everything!

Gore+Violence=WD very happy. big grin

Gore/guts are a branch on the tree of violence. There are many forms of violence, gore is just one of them, a visually powerful one at that.

Yeh but take the gore from Dawn of the dead (2004) and its not very powerful. Sure it makes the film 100% better with it, but the gore say in Fist of the north star means so much more. But is it just more violent?

The DOTD remake had a very the usual Hollywood gore style. But still it was entertaining. Now Shaun of The Dead had a couple of great looking gore scenes.

Fist of the North is an awesome anime series! I love the extreme violence and gore. Is kinda like Dragonball Z.....but much more aggresive.

Violence is like fistfights and other things gore is like dawn of the dead

Oh please, so a gore-resulting action like a zombie ripping a persons head off and eating their brains isn't violence?

Gore is just a word for more visceral injuries, it's not an act of violence, it's the consequence of it. Every movie creates it's own gore 'laws'. For example, if you get stabbed in the movie world of The Matrix, there'll be a little blood spot and some light gurgling. If you get stabbed in the movie world of Kill Bill, your body will expel blood like busted a fire hydrant and you'll writhe on the floor squealing like a pig.

Often, movies which use a lot of gore do so unnecessarily and it puts me off the film, but movies like From Dusk Till Dawn, the gore is 80% of the fun. But mostly, convincing violence on it's own can be a lot more disturbing than buckets of blood.

True but some horror movies have things like blood on the walls and blood comming out of elevators etc. Thats gore without violence.

Exploding bodies and organs laying around makes excellent gore. yes

Is over-the-top violence good in movies?

Absolutely! Haven't you seen John Woo's films? over the top violence and certainly most entertaining. Of course violence and gore isn't for it depends on your taste for films.

I believe there is a thin line between the two. Gore can be slow and painful, and very "detailed". Violence is the up close and personal, like in Passion of the Christ. I dont consider that to be gore, yet it is slow and painful, i consider that to be violence. It all depends on what a single person believes is gore or violence. Dawn of the Dead gore fest, but 28 days later, very violent. Some might think John Woo films are gory, but to me they are violent.

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