The Son Of The Mask

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Red Superfly
OK, WTF is this? Seriously, typical Hollywood. Take something well loved like The Mask (which I still think ROCKS), take Jim Carrey out of it (WTF?) and throw in a stupid baby.

This looks like the crappest movie ever. Trust corporate America to p*ss on something good.

This idea is seriously a bad joke. It looks horrible. I'm hoping this shit bombs. So we aren't thrown with another one of these.

I agree

I will never watch this movie ever.

you know, the mask is actually a decent dark story that could hjave made an original film that is good, but we got jim carry's take on the mask. That was bad, but now we get a son of the mask This is seriously one of the worst idea's EVER.

Red Superfly
I enjoyed the first Mask, maybe because I was a lot younger, but this new one is taking the p*ss.

It looks like the same people who made the Inspector Gadget film and Kangaroo Jack are back in business.

God I hate this kiddy SHIT!

This movie looks retarded.

May those who produce it be struck down. no expression

Afro Cheese

Looks really stupid

What a crappy idea, anything for money these days, how low can you get!?

unmitigated crap

Not only is this movie crappy, it also has Jamie Kennedy. He's a fricking dip.

The return of the ill-effects of Dumb and Dumberer, ladies and gentleman. Didn't Hollywood learn from that?

Red Superfly
What's up with that possessed baby? Apparently the baby has the powers of The Mask.

So that makes The Mask in question look redundant. The effects are worse than the ones from almost ten years ago, and the whole thing in general should be a straight-to-video-then-bargain-bin deal. How the hell it is getting into the cinemas is beyond my comprehension.

This movie is done like Cats and Dogs - the movie is based on the crappy assumption that dogs and babies are somehow funny, when in actual fact, they are annoying and retarded. If I wanted to watch crap like that I'll watch You've Been Framed.

"Oh look the dog pulls a funny face! The baby just fell over! I can't stand the hilarity!".

F**k off.

I'm one of the few people that really liked "Dumb and Dumberer". It had a real cult feel to it. A Latino janitor as Lloyd's dad, who lives in the school basement?

God, the Bob Saget cameo/scenes were priceless!

Cinema... it sounds like your liking stuff just to be different now. I can't believe that you actually liked dumb and dumberer. Ahhh, but then again someone out there actually likes the film jesus christ vampire hunter.

you know i really should not be surprised at the premise of this movie. Let me explain. two words and a number...BABY GENIUSES 2. ok.. well now that i am done giving my explanation i shall go and pity anything that comes out of hollywood some more .

I've always had bad taste, if that's what you're implying, lol. Alright, not inherently bad, just obscure.

i laughed at the trailer then when i stopped laughing ( which didn't take long )

i thought WTF is this and why the hell is it being made..

Freddy Lover
It looks really stupid...but maybe stupid little kids would enjoy watching it.

First we have Dumb and Dumberer, now Son of the Mask??? I loved the first Mask as a kid (it's been a while, I might like it less as I've matured).

Really, this doesn't surprise me though. Baby Geniuses is one of the worst movies ever and they made a sequel of that.

I liked Cats and Dogs. It was a cute film. I didn't find any of the dogs funny, just that leader cat.

Why wouldnt the entire original team including carrey work on it.
Theres no guarantee that it will be e BIG hit , but atleast it can be entertaining.

Yeah, i know what you mean. I love to have bad taste in movies. I even search for bad movies to watch, alongside with good movies mind you , but dumb and dumberer . That was an all new low man.

i think this movie looks pretty stupid.

...and I have to say that it was actually pretty decent. Obviously, it's aimed for a younger audience and it doesn't have Jim Carrey so it all sounded like a recipe for disaster. In the end though, I have to say that it surprised me in the respect that the plot was pretty solid and the script seemed well written. Jamie Kennedy wasn't as annoying as I was expecting and Alan Cummings was really good playing the part of Loki. Prior to seeing the movie, I wondered why Cummings would make a movie like Son of the Mask, but after seeing it I can tell that he must have had a lot of fun playing the part. It has pretty decent CGI and animation to keep your fidgety little ones entertained, and a few thinly veiled references that parents will get a good chuckle out of. All in all, if you are looking for a strong family movie to go see in the middle of February, give it a try. I figured I would throw the movie some positive support.

Yes, if they don't have a good idea for the sequel, they better not make it wink .

Jackie Malfoy
It looks real stupid and you know it is going to suck big time.Also it is going to bomb too.So why waste your money seeing a stupid movie like that.JM

Sign that a sequel should be abandoned: you can't get the original cast back

Ha...yeah. Sorry to bring up a sore subject. Yeah...this movie doesn't even compare to the first Mask movie. Not even a little. It was a bad move on the studios part to attempt this. If you enjoyed the first Mask are probably too old to go see this. But...being that it was free and I was asked to go and didn't have anything better to do....I decided to go. And as a stand alone children's's pretty decent. You almost have to try and take the whole Mask premise out of the equation..because you are just going to end up pissed off if you don't. But, like I said...if you have little ones who don't remember the first one or won't necessarily care that these two movies aren't connected very well, it's a solid movie to take them to.

Jamie Kennedy was only good in Scream 1 & 2.

He was good in his one scene of Scream 3.

Big sequel mistakes:
1. Not the original cast
2. Go completely askew from the original idea (in this case, Jim Carrey should get the mask back and do... something)
3. Not the same characters (I looked it up, Jamie Kennedy's name isn't even Stanley Ipkiss)

hahaha! Both critics and movie goers are massacre this shit! Forget Scooby Doo we have a new king of utterly crappy movies!

Jamie Kennedy career is dead!

The DVD is out 5/17.

personally i am not going to even waste my money on crap like that

ya the movie does look sucky but 1 part tht was funny bout the trailer was when jamie kennedy says2the baby: SAY PAPA and the baby goes MOTHER!hahahaahah

That was stupid and has been done to death. If the baby can't say the word in real life, it shouldn't!

After viewing another trailer, it appears that Jamie Kennedy does wear the mask. Funny how that's the only credibility (for lack of a better word) it has.

Red Superfly
Hilarious. I think I'll go watch it now roll eyes (sarcastic)

Seriously, the only decent baby film was Look Who's Talking - and that was only funny because it took the p*ss out of how retarded babies are.

Babies aren't funny, they're just stupid dribbling fat blobs of flesh that cry and poo a lot.

yeah, babies and film dont mix. Aside from the baby, son of the mask actually wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. It is still bad and would have been better to never have existed. It isnt that incredibly bad though. Fast paced and decent animation. The baby was so annoying as was most of the movie, but for a dollar and some change i got my money's worth. I odnt recommend it to anyone though.

I have no intention of seeing this movie.
If you make the original movie with Jim Carrey, and make a sequel and leave him out of it, you deserve nothing more than the few bucks you made in the box office from going to see it with the people you made the movie with.

This sucks.

I liked Cats and Dogs embarrasment

Red Superfly
Yeah I mean, why the hell would you leave Jim Carrey out of a Mask sequel?

For me anyway, he's the reason why the first movie had any success at all. I don't think there is anyone who can provide the drama and comedy, all the while looking like a living, breathing cartoon character. Jim Carrey WAS The Mask.

lil bitchiness
I agree. This looks too a pathetic kind of way.

Darth Jello

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