what was the best console (at the time of it's release)

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Which games console was (at the time of it's release) the most improved on the previous consoles?

how 'bout GAMECUBE? Hmm?


I noticed that. Don't really care, don't like GameCubes. erm

He put a dreamcast option in there......

Dreamcast was awesome! stick out tongue

It got boring after a few months.

Red Superfly
Dreamcast was over-rated.

It's the console that every wannabe "hardcore gamer" thinks was the best console of all time. Bullshit.

It was no more revolutionary than the likes of the N64. Sure it had better graphics but I'd say the N64 easily outclassed it.

In fact, I'll go for the N64. It was the first machine that shown how 3D gaming was done properly. Dreamcast simply improved upon it.

Xbox is bassicly a new type of conputer when you think about it. Dreamcast at it's time of realese was good, but like everything it got old, and fast. Unless someone takes the time, like 4 years, to make a console the very new consoles, PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube will always be at the top.

Red Superfly
You know, you can hear this type of arguement a few times before it gets annoying.

It's only because the XBox has a hard drive that makes people foolishly think it is like a computer. Bullshit.

By that logic, The Playstation 2 is also a "new type of computer" too. I mean, they released a hard drive, a keyboard, a network adapter. Put all those things together, and the PS2 will look JUST like a PC right? It's only because the XBox has a lot of these features already built-in (and without the cost) that makes fools think it is more of a PC than any other console.

There is no difference between the PS2 + PS2 Hard Drive + Network Adaptor and the XBox, apart from the fact the XBox is technically superioir and comes bundled with all of that stuff already. Case closed.

you got served sucka!

I'd go for the PS1

True, it was overrated, but still a good machine, but when it first came it, it did have alot of potential and if Sega learnt their lesson from the Saturn they might have got alot out of it.

But I also have to agree with you on the N64 (about it being revolutionary) I mean, just look at Mario 64, that game just blew me away when I first saw it.

Actually I say that Xbox is like a computer becauase it stores all the games and stuff like that on it memory. It has a fixed amount of memory just like a computer.

I voted N64/PS1. 3D graphics finally became a common sight in gaming, and 32/64 bit consules were emerging. The PS1 featured CD-based games, not the first by any means, but definately the most successful. N64 had some of the most solid titles, and best multiplayer games to date, and Gamecube and PS2 definately grew off of these consules.

The GameCube, I dunno why...
Why didn't you put GCN on man?

My choices:
1. N-64/PS1 (3d gaming in most games)
2. X-Box (different type of computer, online gaming etc...)

Darth Surgent


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