My Random Movie Quiz

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Ello peeps wink I'm just interested in other peoples points-of-view when it comes to films. What films they like, why they like them, and blaa blaa blaa really! I would really appreciate it if people can do this quiz. Its really just for fun and so I can maybe find some groovy people with similar intersests as me! Cheers

#1> What do you first notice about a film? (Why do you go and watch it?) Is it coz:
A: Good Producer and/or Director
B: Good cast
C: Seems like your kinda film
D: Other - if so what?

#2> Are you interested in sequels?

#3> What do you think of movie remakes?

#4> Who are your favourite actors/actresses and why?

#5> What actors/actresses do you think:
A: are Underatted?
B: are Overatted?
C: are in the wrong business?
D: are only going to last 10 minutes in the movie business?
E: is going to be a huge star by 2006/7?

Here is a quite random Question for you all...
What was Dumbo's real birth name given to him by his mother?


1> If one of my favourite actors/actresses is in the movie then obviousley that would interest me! Thta's probably the first thing I look at, is the cast! If it has a good producer then that is always a bonus!

2> Some sequels are OK! Depends on if the 1st movie is a classic or not! If it is, then you don't want to make sequels as it reuins it all!

3> I liked Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake - much better than the original! Haven't really seen many remakes! I am looking forward to Willy Wonka though!

4> I like Johnny Depp, mainly coz he is good looking - I don't really think ALL his films are that great, however he does have a few classics! He is a good actor, but not always put in the right films! Also like Adam Sandler - He's made some good movies! Sandra Bullock's cool and I'm really starting to like Colin Farrell!

5A> In a way, Vin Diesel - Always getting the same roles over and over (undercover cop)! J-Lo too in a weird way! Look at her, she's gorgeous, she can sing and I think she can act!
5B> Orlando Bloom + Kiera Knightley! Yes they are both good looking people, but I think they are not the best actors around!
5C> As above!
5D> Ashton Kutcher! I'd liek him to, but its just not happening right now!
5E> Paul Walker and Orlando Bloom (UNFROTUNATLY) - I don't want him to be, but thats the only person I can think of!

Jackie Malfoy
I would say because it has alot of action and good acting and good directpr!There I kepted it short and sweet!JM

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