When Zombies rule the world where would you want to be?

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I love Zombies, they are my favorite horror creature by far. Werewolves and Vampires are to fruity in particularly the Vampires. I guesse its hard to look straight when you sucking another mans neck. So anyhow, When the great Zombie Apacolypse comes (Z-Day) Where would you want to be??? How would you hold up, what would you need with you? What would you eat? How would you defend yourself?

Mall. They have food.

Oh and my vote goes to a Mall as long as it has a gun store and a Walgreens. The possibilities are endless, You have anything and everthing you need. I mean Guns, Drugs, Booze, Hot Wings, man oh man!

But I'd be in England, there are no guns there...

Well in the movie dusk till dawn the vampires sure didnt look queer.

But Id hide in a cabin because in the woods there would be a lower zombie population

military facility of course.. military = guns and soldiers.

Whats that about?

Four outlaws on there way to rob a mexican bank encounter a gang of mexican vampire bikers.

Full name :From Dusk Till Dawn 2 :Texas blood money

No its the more traditional Vampires that are Fruity. And to be honest Dusk till dawn was an awsome movie until the Vampires came out, then it went downhill fast.

id be out in the streets with my baseball bat bashing zombies heads in

you would get tired faster and attract a lot of attention.

the mall would have lots of entry/exits to secure

id be careful cool

I'd be out killing as many as I could with dean7879.

In a mall

At the graveyard, obviously.

It depends, if they were the zombies from ROTLD that can't be killed then I'd like to become one of them evil face
I'd just breathe in some Trioxin and let it work it's magic.

But If I could be killed by being shot in the head then I'd like to be in a mall.

yeah i'd say the mall as well


hmm.. on another planet.

also an good pick

I want to be in the Winchester (the pub) - like in Shaun of the Dead... cant believe that wasnt an option on your thread

they had all those drinks and peanuts

I love that film, but it just seemed damn random in a thread about zombies...

they were refering to why Zombies are better than Vampires

Oh right.
Vampires seem to spend too much time looking prim and sitting pretty.

Yeah most of um look like they just walked of the set of "queer eye for the straight guy"

Rather hard to pick.....so I'll go with an Island in the Caribeean......oh no wait....not sucha a good idea. blink

Yes I should have had The Winchester as well as the Island from Zombi, oh well next poll smile

Well an uninhabited island would be good

First thing I'd do is run to the local car dealer and steal a Hummer.

Then I'd drive to the local super market and stock up on as much food as possible.

Then I'd go get my friends and we'd cruise the country killing zombies and such.

when ive had enough of bashing zombies brains in..id then go home and sit down and have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit

I would just find a boat, get my self some guns, bring all of my friends and releatives that haddint been bit, and then go to this Island thats about 20 miles away from where I live, (no people live there only sheep and birds) and build up a farm there, I could easyly live there for the rest of my life, I just need to sometimes go with my boat to one of the many small villages to pick up stuff, in some of these villagees there only live about 50people, so it would be cake to sneak in and grab some stuff

oh and by time the survivors would probobly win back the country, only about 48.000 people live here

Sounds like the best place to be yes

*Listen's to Queen 'Don't Stop me now'*

Oh and dog can look up!! laughing

Listin people were theres no people there are no zombies so the farther away you get from civilazation the less zombies will be there

Oh, I do agree! The movie seemed to be going amazingly well, then the Vampires came and ruined everything!

As for the question, definitely the Mall! There's everything you need, or at least for quite awhile!

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