The Bourne Ultimatum !! Any news, or rumors

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Apparantly producer Frank Marshall announced recently that a screenplay IS being written for "The Bourne Ultimatum", with a proposed 2006 release (because Damon has other projects, and now Greengrass is doing "The Watchmen"wink.

In terms of Kirill - he was a cool character, very effective, and excellently played by Karl Urban, but I think it's safe to say that he was pretty much near death by the end of "Supremacy", and it's doubtful we'll be seeing him return. But then again, anything's possible. In fact, I kinda wish he would come back, as Urban had an amazing presence and made for a fantastic heavy.

If you want, you can go read the books and catch up that way smile

No news on the movie yet, besides that, from what I've seen. Personally, I can't wait for the movie to be out. Supremacy was excellent, no doubt about it.


I heard that Ben Affleck might be be the villain. It is good to have Affleck and Damon together since they are best friends. But Affleck hasn't been having a good career in hollywood so I am not sure.

that would be interesting. i for one enjoy afflecks films. who knows maybe he can be a badass badguy

These movies are popular, both have done very well with critics and audiences alike. Damon is all about doing a third installment, so it will get made. Affleck should never be in a bourne movie, because bourne movies have a good chance of doing well, and being good. If you put affleck in the mix, those chances turn to shit.

those chances turn to shit. IMO i dont believe so. i mean yeah he has made some lame movies. but he has made some good ones, so its all in the chances.

I loved the bourne films. He's like james bond but more realistic like everything he does you can actually believe them happen in real life. I'm not dissing james bond(Die another day, Yes winkstick out tongue ) but I'm saying i just love his style. Matt damon is a really good actor and those movies were fun. Not that I want greengrass to put watchmen on the pause but I say move along with this project and move along fast. I hope damon does this before ocean's thirteen cause I really want to see it. It's a shame they wont make a fourth film for the bourne legacy and don't say they will cause I heard in old news already that there will never be a fourth film. Too bad. I won't read ultimatum cause I want the movie to surpise me but after it comes out and I see it I will head to the bookstore to read legacy.

alien I found that the bourne supremacy was boring and that the pace of the movie seemed sluggish, it just seemed that they were doing the same as the bourne identity plus they screwed the film up by killing off alex conklin in the bourne identity and marie in the supremacy who are both essential characters to webb's and bourne's mind.

I really liked the first two movies - good action and suspense, plus I thought Matt Damon did a good job with the part.

Bah, i hated all of the Bourne movies.

Originally posted by LordSorgo
Bah, i hated all of the Bourne movies.

What the hell are you talking about ? I love the Bourne Movies, because I loved more action than the romantic scenes!

I LOVED the first one, the second one was... above good but below great. I love Julia Stile's character tho

alien oh I'm not blaming matt damon but they have screwed themselves over.


DeVi| D0do
That would so rock...

Originally posted by lordofwar
Jason Bourne to Face Gael Garcia Bernal?

Here are some photos

would be nice

Here's the trailer;_ylt=Au9ahmUQifrC9BTIlaKBK_1fVXcA

New Trailer

The best one yet, such a pleasant surprise! One of the four movies I've cared for this year.

Saw it today.

It was decent. Nothing special, but not a bad movie.

Didn't like the shaky camera in any of the three films though. Annoyed me at times. I've also heard that the movies are nothing at all like the books.

I enjoyed the third installment. Really tied the laces on the trilogy. Good action, as well.

Mr Parker
yeah it did.Great trilogy.Too bad in real life if this happened,those two CIA men in real life who got arrested,they would spend some time in prison,but not real time.they would get off scot free in two years and the CIA would just get other men to come on and take their place and conduct other evil autrocitys as wll and continue it.Unforunately,thats the way the real world is.This is the best movie of the year I have seen.

Darth Vicious
Pretty good movie. I like how they ties this one and the end of the 2nd one, nice transition. There was a connection between him and Nikki but I dont think it was explained. Maybe they were lovers at one point.

Looks good

out in a few days....Will def be boring the missus with this one
any more comments on this? smile

Good movie. Not sure if Damon will make a fourth.

I think.. How she said that Jason had a wife or something before he became Jason.. It might have been Nikki. Well I hoped it had been Nikki.. would have made a nice little ending. Truely loved the whole series. Thrilled with it smile

hey hey.
this movie is gunna be offa. i cant wait to see it.
no news for ya yet only wat ive seen on the ad.

well i guess i dnt need news lol!
i still havnt seen it nd im getting very impatient lol!
i love these movies they are me fav.

Haven't they been out where you guys live yet? It came out in New Zealand last week!

exanda kane
I haven't enjoyed an "Action" (for lack of a better term) film for a long while until I saw this. Great stuff.

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