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Give me the child! Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle, beyond the Goblin City, to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my Kingdom is as great! You have no power over me!!!

I don't think I will ever forget those lines! I used to repeat them over and over again when I played in the woods behind my uncles house. Too bad no one's invented the Holodeck yet! I'd go try out the Labyrinth.

I wish David Bowie had continued his film career.

That damn snail thing. If she said it went to the castle then the film would have ended in about 10 minutes.

Red Superfly
Labyrinth rocks.

this movie is disturbing

With regards to the snail thing, it was all sarah's fault, any normal person would have asked "why?" But Labyrinth is my favourite, recently got the DVD, spent a whole Theology lesson explaining the riddle of the doors to the rest of the class, we were talking about puzzles or somethin, and I'd got the explanation Sarah gives to the doors for the first time and my classmates still hadn't got it, so I drew diagrams and everything! it makes it worse, knowing she'd got the answer right that she told the helping hands to take her down into the oubliette! I also wish for a holodeck so I can go into the labyrinth. PS, the foetus-like things on stcks that bite Ludo are still the scariest things I've ever seen!

Brrr! I do agree there! Man, those things are EVIL!

lol!!!" I smell nothing... the air is sweet and fragrant"

I still quote that all the time!
what a great movie big grin

I don't remember much of it.

But when I was a kid I loved this film.

Who could forget the Bog of Eternal Stench?

laughing I love Sir Didimus! He rules!

hayden's minx
Haha. I bought it on dvd for my mate for christmas. She loves it, but i'm not a huge fan of puppets or musicals, but it's fun if you wanna walkround after going
*voodoo* *who do?* *you do!*

Red Superfly
This movie would have been ten times better if it had a talking dog that could drive a car, was a certifciate 15 and starred Tim Robbins and that midget from Willow.

rajah kalantiaw
this movie was awesome. i loved it from beginning to end. a lot of weird sh!t though.

I love that part of the film! You know at the end of few but certain films, you have 2 ways that in can end and you can watch both ways... they should have done that with Labyrinth big grin

I think that with most films!

Nothing should be changed from this movie! The characters ruled, the story kicks ass, and come on, that is the coolest looking labyrinth I have ever seen!

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