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This is more for the movies section.


The Station Agent was a good film, Patricia Clarkson is excellent.

Unfortunately, nowhere near Sundance, would love to go there one day in the future.

Lots of interesting films playing.

Solo =The Url

I didn't know "Kung Fu Hustle" is going to be played in Sundance.


That's out on dvd next month, can't wait.

sorry! didn't realize i hadn't posted in the movie section (guess i wasn't paying attention)...

i'm also looking forward to "hustle and flow," which is definitely getting the biggest buzz so far.

Does anybody have any information on Mysterious Skin(premieres January 29th and 28th?) I can't go to the festival(school=evil!) and I really wanted to see the movie!!!!
Anybody know where I can find links to seeing live coverage from the festival?

I would love to go but it sounds like its getting a little cheesy Hollywood. I read about Paris Hilton being there.

There's video showing her on Yahoo. Why would she be there? Sundance is for movies... (unless she's in one but last I checked she wasn't......)

maybe she likes movies? so she wanted to go

scott hiwersh
I would do anything to go... sad I cannot!

Did anyone go? What is the Ring of Fire one about? Is it the boxing one? I read an article about it if it is, supposed to be great.

I hope Paris isn't there...

i still wish I could go.....
Does anybody have anything on Mysterious Skin?! I'm desperate!!!!

I know a site that will show you updates but I'm not allowed to show it, so....

And yes, Ring of Fire is the boxing movie (about a 1962 fight). And I have no idea about what Mysterious Skin is about

Here's a summary I found on Yahoo!
A teenage hustler and a young man obsessed with alien abductions cross paths, together discovering a horrible, liberating truth
The cast is:Brady Corbet, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jeff Licon, Bill Sage, Mary Lynn Rajskup, Elisabeth Shue, Lisa Long, Chris Mulkey
And it's directed by Gregg Araki.
That's all I know......

That info. is for the Movie Mysterious Skin by the way.

It's also based on a book by Scott Heim, which is also called "Mysterious Skin." The book is REALLY good.

scott hiwersh
Bookfiend22, did you go or something? What is with all the info all of a sudden? Was Paris really there? What a dork. I have no heard anything about any of the films really, besides Hustle&Flow, Inside Deep Throat and Ring of Fire... Did anyone get to go? Anyone live near there?

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