Game commercials

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my favourite commerial of a video game has got to be the Ratchet and Clank commercials!

-gravity boots, blaster, sheepinator, mini nuke...

what are your favourite commercials for a video game?

Halo 2 Theaterical. That was awesome.
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The first Kirby commercials were sooo funny! I remenber one in which some fat dude is stuffing his mouth with tons of food. And finally he licks his fingers and explodes! laughing

That was the funniest video game commercial I remenber.

I've always been fond of the the horrible animal crossing commercials. with the people with the giant plastic heads.

and the mercenaries commercials are hilarious.

blow it up. blow it up again. blow the living crap out of it. blow the living crap out of it again.

then there are the rachet and clank commercials.

and the soccom comemrcials. team killing lol.

the metroid prime comemrcial was good.

I like the warcraft 3 movie trailer, followed by the final fantasy 7 TV commercial "If you fail... you can always hit the reset button"
halo 2 commercial would be 3rd place for me.. Ive seen it way too much

The Mercenaries are the best

Spyro commercial's are cool

The Pikmin 2 comercial were pretty funny.


I liked the old Super Smash Brothers (N64) commercials where Mario, Yoshi, DK, and someone else are walking through a field of flowers with music playing.......then they proceed to beat the snot out of each other. It's made better by the obvious fact that they're guys in suits, it's awesome.

The Echoes one with actress playing Samus is not bad, remember, when the pieces of armour just flow out from nowhere and adhere to her. That is pretty good.
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Oh my fav, is a radio commercial for The Ultimate Doom, you can downlaod it here as mp3, it owns!

I really like a recent commercial wit Bower sleeping over the kids house.Mann that was priceless

Jackie Malfoy
It is strange I see a commercial for a game and it looks so real that I get confuse!I like the May day one!JM

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I love the commercials for Mercenaries...and I remember the commercials for Super Smash Bros, those were great.

Everytime everyone in my family saw the FFX-2 commercial they said that it reminded them of me laughing out loud

for some reason i thought the mercenaries commercials were annoying

yes i know.

I can't believe that nobody mentioned the Japanese Zelda commercial. In Japan they had people do a dance dressed as the characters for the game. Freakin funny. Also, the Crash Bandicoot(sp?) ones were pretty funny. "Boo-ya Grandma. Boo-ya."

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I never saw the Japanese Zelda commercials....

I seen a lil bit from the Crash Commercial in Japan.

i liked the fable commercials and halo 2 and i would have to say prince of persia warrior within i love how he swings his swords with godsmack playing in the background it just made you wanna play it

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