Alexander vs Troy

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Which movie did you think was better?

alexander was utter shit

i dont know erm

havent seen troy - but Alexander was puke - even though Collin Farrel's legs were nicely shaven

i havent seen Alexander but anyway I love Troy so..meh

Troy, Alexander was hard to sit through, but i didnt wanna just through away my 10 bucks.

good thing the choc top was nice, otherwise it would of been a bad experience.

hehe well except for the horrible casting in both movies Collin Farrel and Angelina Jolie in Alexander, Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt in Troy. I think Alexander was way way way better than Troy, I don't see why people dislike it that much.

lol i know the cast sucked ass... there were bad things from both movies...

in troy: all the achilles's butt scenes... wtf was up with that? laughing out loud

alexander: the battles sucked... i didnt like the way they fought them... though the last one wa great with the elephants eek!

but Id say Troy was better...

Jackie Malfoy
THey both sucked big time.I do'nt care for either of them.JM

NOw I didn't go to see Alexander to see battles, most epic movies suck at portraying battles, altho the last one with the elephants was a nice one.

lol it was indeed

The battle scenes in Alexander were amazing, and they leave the ones in Troy standing. Bloody, dusty, confused, chaotic, brutal, frantic, HUGE- this is the depiction of ancient warfare I have been waiting for! I think the battle of Gaugamela was even better than the battle of Pelinor fields in ROTK, and I thought THAT was spectacular, but Gaugamela just felt so much more REAL.

And Colin Farrell does battle rage better than anyone I've ever seen! The part where he was riding through the forest in the battle against the elephants, cutting down men with such swift and exultant brutality, I myself wanted to take up a sword and fight for him, which made me understand and appreciate the loyalty he commanded from his troops better than at any other point in the film.

My only complaint about the battles is that there were not enough of them- the film only showed two battles out of a campaign of 13 years. But I was happy with what they did show, and if they had spread the budget more thinly, giving us more battles but making them less impressive, I would have felt cheated anyway.

Overall I enjoyed it more than Troy- I thought the acting was good, the chemistry between the characters was good, the sets and costumes were not only beautiful they were also more accurate than in Troy, and I think on the whole more thought was put into historical accuracy I even got used to the accents after a while, and having Irish Greeks didnt really bother me. I was able to enjoy Alexander as a film, and although it has been pretty badly panned in the UK press, I dont think it was a bad film at all. I'd give it a solid 7.

btw is it true that alexander was gay? not in the movie i mean in real life

what Troy was the best movie in 04!

Alexander was more on the psychlogicall side than Troy and the acting was OK...well, I enjoyed it.

The gay thing was a bit off,but, oh well, nothing is perfect.

The fight with the elephants was utterly cool! Did you know that when they shot it, the horse-Ducipal-attacked the elephant for real--it bit its leg---then they had to hold back the elephant....

Neither of them were outstanding but Alexander.

Gay wasn't a word then, it was natural in those times apparently for men to feel close to men in the same way they were with women.

Nothing wrong if he did anyway...

I believe Alexander did have relations with men, but more with women.

It is believed he took part in pederasty.

as for the films, I prefered Alexander over Troy, even though both films were horribly miscast.

What you mean miscast???

You Suck
Gladiator. big grin

Troy was much better in my opinion.

Yeah, it`s a known fact that men in those times were like that--but it bothered me a bit... I preffer the 'normally oriented' heroes, so to say. Anyway, Alexander, overall, is a pretty awesome pic--it stays true to the historical facts and does a marvelous job with the sets.

Alex is way better than Troy.

the main actors horribly sucked in both movies

Thats where your wrong fire, Brad Pitt was great as Achilles, amazing acturly, those moves and all very good, also Eric Bana did very good, if you didint see that its your problem, Peter the tool guy also did well (as usual)

alexander was a better made movie.. people may not find it as entertaining though

You do know tastes can differ? There is no right or wrong on such a case

If you had read all my posts in this thread you would have noticed I talked about Bloom and Pitt as being badly casted, which I still think. IMO Pitt sucked in that movie. Bana and Peter O'tool were casted very well, but I don't consider them the main actors

I despise Alexander and I definitely like Troy better

Atomic Rico
both suck a s s

Never seen Alexander, i heard it was way too long, and it didnt have to be. Troy is a really good movie.

as I've said earlyer Troy was the best of 04

both are boring big grin

I haven't seen Alexander either but most people said it wasn't very good. I like Troy myself I thought it was really good! I didn't realise it was a flop in America (well that's what I've read) I thought it was good! And I know tastes can differ but I still thought it wouldn't be a flop! I thought Brad Pitt played Achilles well too even though I don't really like him that much so that's saying something lol. I thought Eric Bana was really cool as Hector aswell big grin

i havent seen Alexander so i will have to say Troy even though it bored the hell outta me

alexander was a better made film.. the fact is that a lot of people may not find it entertaining, and since they thought it was borring think its a crappy made movie.. troy was definantly more for the action fan and a lot of people may of found it to be more enjoyable to watch but alexander was a far better made film. IMO

never liked either that much...most of the actors performed way below their abilities...especially brian cox in troy

i did like the stabbing in the neck scene from troy though...that was cool

and wasnt baz luhrmann supposed to be doing an alexander the great film as well...with leo di caprio in the lead and mel gibson as his father and nicole kidman as his mother

Both films sucked.

Troy had moments, usually when eric bana or peter otoole were in a scene. People say Pitt was great, but I thought he did a poor job of representing the character of Achilles. Orlando Bloom has no place in movies, his acting is third rate at best.

Alexander was fluff, I don't think the casting of the movie was well thought out except for Jolie. And it would have helped if Oliver Stone tried to "tell" the story of Alexander instead of "reimagining" the story of Alexander.

baz luhrmann is now going ahead with his portrayal of alexander. Originally it was shelved due to the cold response to stone's version, but once the higher ups saw the story and plot of baz's epic, they decided to go ahead with it. Luhrmann is shaping his movie around the Alexander trilogy written by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. If you Haven't read it do so, those books have become a big favourite of mine. It should be a great movie. I am also looking forward to Hannibal.

TROY eek!

I agree with snakeEyes, Alexander was pretty bad. And all this talk about being historically correct, you have to realize that Troy was based on the Iliad by homer which was written several hundered years after the actual events so the story of Troy was at a disadvantage, historically, to begin with. Despite that i still tought Troy was much better. The Action was better and there was more of it. I also disagree with the fact that people thuink that Troy was miscast but i supose there are such things as different tastes.

well troy was at a disadvantage because there is not historical truth behind the trojan war its pretty much all myth.. and they could have easily followed homers story and it would of been way easier then alexander but they choose to change many things around that never occured in any version of any story about the trojan war

Troy was 10 times better than Alexander.

WTF ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT!!?? Alexander blowed shit!! I can't believe I spent ten bucks to sit through the theater for 3 hours watching a cock of bull shit. Now, Troy did have its flaws, but it was like five stars better compared to Alexander. I mean, Angelina Jolie playing Colin Farrell's mother while she is one year his senior??!! Give me something believeable, Jez! Plus, Troy was Oscar nominated and had 3 of the best looking actors in the buisness: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom. I saw Troy 3 times in the theater because I felt it was very entertaining. Sure, it's no Lord of the Rings or Gladiator, but it's not boring and stupid as hell like Alexander. What the f-ck were you thinking, Oliver Stone?

troy was definatly the better one alexander just ripped off half the diologue from troy three hours of crap

el barto
troy kics alexanders buttox

Troy was one of the worst failures i have expereinced in a long time. Alexander was bad too. I apreciated the fact that they tried to focus more on the characters in alexander, but it did have bad pacing, un inspired dialogue, and misplaced drama. However, Troy had nothing to offer at all.

Alexander was crap. Troy was so much better it's incomparable.

Alexander was just 3 hrs. of shoveling shit onto the 7 bucks I paid to see it. I was amazing how a movie that loud could possibly be that boring. I watched a History Channel Special about Alexander that was more interesting.

As for Troy, I'll admit it had it's problems. It just bothered me how far they strayed from the Illiad. And Orlando Bloom, and I am a fan, really just sucked. I mean, wow. For some reason I wanted to kick his ass the whole movie.

Anyway, out of the two I think that Troy better.

The only reason OB sucked ass was because he played the most whimpy and cowardly character in the world, and I disagree with you. If you hated him so much in the movie, that means he pulled it off well!

How about I chose none of them.
Both were horrible.

My fav line in Alexander is when Jolie talks to Farrell, in one of many flashbacks, and says, " Your soul is mine". I was half expecting Scorpion fly out and punch Jolie in the face.

LOL, yeah, she was definately doing her best Shang Tsung impersonation.

Alexander is gay and Achilles is cool.

Both were terrible movies.

So. . . why do I own Troy?!

God I'm pathetic

i havent seen Alexander but i hated Troy so i will go with Alexander yes

Troy, because a movie with Julie Christie in it deserves to be watched.

troy hands down

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