Versus (2000)

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Has anyone seen this movie? I seen several people had it listed in there top 5 list of best zombie movies and ive never heard of it. Here is the plot:

This kinetic horror/action hybrid stars Tak Sakaguchi as Prisoner KSC2-303, a criminal who has just escaped from a maximum security prison. Heading to the Forest of Resurrection to meet up with some gangsters, KSC2-303's escape plan soon veers off course when an argument with one of the gangsters leads KSC2-303 to shoot him. Worse still, KSC2-303 finds out the hard way that when you kill something in the Forest of Resurrection, it does not stay dead. Things get even more complicated when all the dead people the gangsters have buried in the forest begin coming back to life and packing heat. Blending zombie horror with EVIL DEAD 2 style slapstick and Hong Kong action pyrotechnics, VERSUS is a very bloody and very enjoyable thriller.

please if anyone has seen this, share your thoughts

Ive seen this, its ok, not great, it is entertaining but too much "kung fu fighting" for my taste, some good gore moments and some nice kills, and if you like horror and kung fu films you will like this. Actually rather hilarious and weird in places. I give it 7 out of 10.

i agree

I have seen it, I wouldn't have it up in my favourites, but I do LOVE the end scenes in the forest.

Asian zombie movies have a lot more action than the european ones. Lots of gunfire. Like the look of the zombies thoug. Junk is entertaining. Asian zombie flicks is often distroyed by really stupid humour. Happy Dance

i really liked versus made me laff and really gory gets my thumbs up ,btw available in aus on dvd ,i saw the asian import dvd like 3 years ago so dont know if its available in the uk?

It is in the UK.

I liked it, I ended up buying it mainly because it is hard to find. But I would say there are better zombie and asian horror movies out there.

nothing more than a live action japanese anime. Which means it is pretty entertaining.

Versus rips! I love it! Definately check it out if you can. Slow at first but it picks up. They're making a sequel.

i loved versus one of my fav asian zombie films next to junk.

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