KFC during superbowl

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Furious Angel
i don't know if this is something that most families do, or just mine...

but ever superbowl my brother and dad get food from KFC...which is the worst thing they could do to me. KFC goes against everything i stand for (see http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com for more info)

and i just wanted to tell everyone not to get KFC ever, especially today big grin

Duly noted messed


Better than Mc. Donalds, there isn't enough beef in the world to keep up with their burger production, so you have to wonder what they improvise their beef in their burgers with messed

... chicken.. fried by kentuckyeek! mmm hot wings droolio

I harbor no sympathy for animals,
The don't know they exist, so I really don't care..

Furious Angel
maverick> actually McD's is one of the fast food chains that is cleaning up their act big grin

and tptman...What the f**k? of course animals know they exist. they are living, breathing creatures just like you and me. animals have done nothing to deserve the horrible treatment they get in food processing plantsWhat the f**k?

Jackie Malfoy
We get pizza and chicken wings.And eat them infront of the tv.It is pretty fun!JM

Furious Angel
but...but...what does that have to do with anythingdontgetit

laughing i totally agree that animals shouldnt get treated so badly and all yes i just eat meat because i was raised with alot of it yes so even though oi want to i cant really be a vegitarian erm

but i dont really eat at fast food restraunts anyways laughing out loud

Furious Angel
you're doing whatever you can, and that's great happy (i'm a vegetarianraver )

Omg Furious Angel, I had no idea they did that to chickens!!!! I have a bird as a pet, it's a sun conure named Pippin, and I just imagined him being crippled or debeaked. That is so cruel and inhumane! KFC sucks!

Tptmanno1 - You are the most foolish human being I've ever met! What do you mean 'animals don't know they exist' ?? Of course they know they exist!!!! That's as stupid as me saying 'humans don't know they exist.' You are SO stupid.

All the power to ya eek!

i pray to the little critters when i eat happy wish them a happy time in animal heaven

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