Boogieman Sucked

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i dont care what do you all think about this movie but i think it SUCKED it really SUCKED it wasnt that scary i didnt had naked girls it just sucked so if you dont like this commentary just LET ME KNOW SO I COULD KIK YOUR ASS

what the hell

A movie needs naked girls to be good now?

What an intelligent and informative review : smile

was that a retards review and by the way u muppet howd u kick some1s arse over the internet how old r ya 12?

Norma Jean
Prime example of the negative effects of incest. yes

Just think, you have the sequel to look forwards to now.

I'm letting you know that your commentary sucked as bad as Boogeyman and I'm waiting to get my ass kicked.

haha lol...hey look ..he jus other words we prob wont hear back from him.

No naked girls well there goes my afternoon sad
just kidding your review makes me want to go see the movie just so I could right a review that doesn't suck.
and to kaztiyo come get some devil

I only seen the trailer and from the looks of it this flick is ripping off Nightmare on Elm Street. A group of little girls wearing white clothes and singing a childrens song. Bah!

ok whatever ill kik butankus's, bren's, & gls's ass but first of all the movie SUCKED so...

at the begining it was a little scary by the way the sweater starts floating but the rest of the movie was bored there wasnt nothing interesting until the final of the movie but there were JUST like 5 mins of horror,(barf)

hahaha im in australia when ur ready muppet!

you sucker i am on my way to kik your assbe ready beging warming up you ass otherwise it will make you cry

To kick my ass from Texas:

Take I-10 East, hit I-85 North in Alabama, and take that up until you hit I-40 in Greensboro. I'm 40 miles east of that. Be here by 6:00, if you don't mind.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.