Captain America vs. Captain Britain

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battle of the captains. I was just curious how you guys would react to this. i would go with capt. britain though.

ALthough I'm British I think Captain Britain as a character sucks. I don't even like the Alan Moore comic of him and I don't like all his mystical bullsh*t powers.However, they ARE powers sufficient enough to beat captain America.(1 tonne strength, flight, limited invulnerability/force fields).But I prefer Captain America big time. He kicks ass!

I see Captian America's supersolider serium as the counter active measure to evolution. It raises man to his station where nothing evolves beyond him. Even the beyonder, who took Rogers form, couldn't get past it. Combine that with the fact that Steve was the "perfect" choice and that awsome shield. Then factor in his qualities, he can adjust to any stress, which makes him the ideal leader and fighter. He is a Superhuman - Man.
Cap. Britton can lift 90 tons, but in a fight, I would take Captain America over anyone, including Wolverine. Pluse he has no hidden agendal, he would lay down his life without hesitation, unlike those who have considerations.

frothbyte u annoy msot of the tiem btu I got to gow ith u on thsi one thou captain america has a fighting skill advantae captain britian just has better powers and is almost as good a captain america at fighting

Wolverine8888.... What did you mean when u typed "Frothbyte u annoy msot of the tiem btu i got to gow ith u"
Are you saying Frothbyte annoys people? YOU ANNOY PEOPLE!
Captain Britan sucks, he hardly has any powers, Brian Braddock accidentaly became him! He fought evil doers, and then just became captain Britan, he has nothing special, Think The punisher, with a stick.
Brian Braddock was never a very good person, and he is your typical rip off Captain America.

ok what ever u say I quessing u never read his powers be for then and I brobly I annoy people cuz of my typign I relay need tow ork on it I wish I coudl use spell check but beeing gay

captain britian ahs super strenth speed durablity agility. wtf u talken abotu he got no power seorusly. his dam sword gives hima ll those powers

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for better information on captain britain, click on the link below:

although his powers are derived from his costume, while in it he is stronger and faster than captain america. besides that, he could also fly

Captain America has real time sanity, which most are lacking. I love Cap. Britton, his old brittish flag mask was cool. But he reminds me of that new Canadian mounty in Alpha Flight. He's kinda a dumb blond with an ego, no offesense to anyone, but that's his style. A major Fabio.
If you have even a quirk of insanity(again, no offesense), like Wolverine who is well endowed, you'll never be the best at what you do. Captian America is not only the best, his Adamantium is better cause it's a shield. Strength has no effect on him, his shield could absorb and/or block the Hulk, Thor, Gladiator...oh, and Brian "Captain Britton" Braddok, at the same time. It is more invulnerable than Cannonball, who got beat in Seceret Wars 2 that way, and more powerfull than Wolvie's claws, since it is combined with vibranium.

first I most say wolverine claws woudl go right throu the shield of capts capts shield is a iseto(think that how u spell it) of what wolverine claws are made of so it is clear not as strong. wolverine are unbreakable and captains is almsot unbreakable. also thanos broke captain shield onces. maelstrom I give u hulk cant break it but there oen thign that can break it and that wolverien claws.

thanks gregory for the tip

i figure thanos can pretty much break anything that comes from this world. including hulk and wolverine and adamantium.

maby thanos with gunlet turn wolverine into spung but normal thanos I highly dought he nto that good with out gunlet

well yes, im referring to thanos with the gauntlet.

then brobly


Anyway, Cap (America) rocks....He stared Thanos (when he had the Gauntlet) in the face, got killed mind you, but that takes balls...

The way i understand cap. A's sheild is much the way i understand wolverines bones. The adamantium and vibranium are bonded like the adamantium is bonded to woverines bones. Now if the bond broke then the adamantium wouldn't break his bones would. So i conjecture the inventers thought of that so made the bond stronger than the metal. The metal cannot be broken and the bond not only is unknow of but unknown how. Thus, it becomes a question of what is better and it is definitly better to have a sheild that can not only resist any attack but absorb the attack as well.

wolverine claws can go through capt shield u do know that

wolverine's claws cannot go through the sheild because it absorbs all inertia...without inertia wolvie's claws cant go through the air man...however, the skrulls have some kind of strength augmenting technology that is unaffected by the shield...if wolverine had that device he could theorhetically cut through the he cant

Lord Ryugen
Umm isn't Captain Britain's powers tied to his country. In other words if he leaves Britain he'll lose his powers. So unless Captain America comes to britain the fights pretty much sorted in his favour!

that is true and that is a very good piont

claws dotn smash they go throu so what ur saying doesent make sense wynndar

captain britain has lots of more special powers and is way more powerful than capamerica, so my moneys on him

Red Superfly
Captain Planet would beat them all.

Captain America
2 things, Cap America would beat britain, and this is a fight between Cap America and cap Britain wolverine8888, not Cap A and Wolverine... oh and use spell check.

Wolverines claws DONT go trough Caps shield, Wolverine888. Read some facts.

Cap America would smash him

Cap A rocks

Captain Britain is a mutant, whereas america is just an enhanced human. Cap may have an adamandium shield, but Cap Britain has loads of cool technology and a massive sword as well.

I go for Cap Britain.

Cosmo Kramer
I really hate that guy Captain England so wouldnt it be great if Captain America went and ruffed him up abit? who wins?

You mean Captain Britain from Excalibur?

Why the hate?

if it captain britian umm then caps not realy gunna give him a fight

who's cap england?

Captain Britain > "'ve spotted my dickey"

Captain America > "Christ! you're soooo damn.....British!"

Captain Britain > "Spot of tea govenor?"

Captain America > "oh screw this! Here, take the shield, take the tights, hell.....take the name....I'm going to Papa John's for some deep dish"

Captain Britain > "fight like a man...chap!"

Captain America > *while walking away* "call me when you find out how to be one..."

:: Applaudes link :: But you forgot the ending...

Brit: I am a man! It is you who is a coward!

Cap.A. turns around, sprints towards brit and punts him in the crotch.

Cap.a.: It's so freeing to not have to wear that damn costume.

Cap.A. walks away while brit writhes.

either that, or c. america's lowblow has no effect at all... thus proving that c. brit has yet to learn what it is to be a man.

Cor Blimey! Guv'nuh!

If you mean Union Jack, Cap could take him. Captain Britian, well he might be able to take the new one down, unless she hits him with an energy spoon!, the old one, being that he's a GOD and all will probably beat Cap.

But what if we lend Hauptman Deutchland, Red Guardian and Major Mapleleaf to the fight?! Oh no! Clash of the rampantly patriotic country themed heroes!

Do people not like captain britain cause he's not from the states? I don't know much about him, but if that's the case, that's a little lame.

I like the way how you guys stereotype the british, if I wanted I could scoff down some donuts and put 300 pounds on and say I'm american.

What if that's all we like to do here? I know that I, personally, am a firm believer in donut scarfing -> putting on 300 pounds, and everyone in my immediate circle of acquaintaces is as well.

You, dear sir, need to do your homework.

This being the understatement of the millennia.

I am offended!!!

No I'm not, but the British rule.

I love the British...but picking on other races is what I do.

Take that away from me...and I'm but a shell of a Link. cry

Yeah well, when I do it I get yelled at. Nobody's yelled at you yet...

"I love the British...but picking on other races is what I do."

The British are not a race of people, neither are americans.

Captain Britain the once alcoholic, very emotionally unstable Captain Britain (Brian Braddock)? I'd give this to Captain America. Bucky's death didn't cause a complete mental collapse and although Captain Britain is stronger and faster, Captain America has faced far tougher opponents.

If another Captain Britain, I'm unfamiliar with them.

"The British are not a race of people."

Clearly you've never met an 18th century Brit, lol

muffin man
catain britain in the uk (where I am)
captain america any where else yes

Who wins?

*Hulks up* USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Seriously though, Captain Britain looks more beefy by the way of MarvelDirectory.

But Rogers has superior tactics and an unbeatable shield, and he's been fighting for freedom since 1941, blah blah blah!

It's Captain Britian, stronger, more powers, wields the amulet of right, or the sword of might...or both (depending on the version chosen for this battle)

The Flash
There are two threads with these two characters if you have searched.

long pig
captain britian...he has super crooked teeth to bite CA with!
butta my crumpet will ya mum? oy! wes my teeee??


Actually Captain Britain is the guardian of a place that is the link of all the realities or something like that.He possess Excalibur and can absorb the energies from the dimension where he is to enhance his abilities at uber level

Marvel Directory's stats are out of date. Here is a more recent stat of Captain Britain:

Cap is the man, but eventually he will lose to Captain Britain.

Captain America wins! Why? Because he is Captain AMERICA! Americans will always beat the Brits. Americans drink COFFEE,Brits drink TEA.....Brits have a social medical plan which leaves most Brits with bad teeth...Americans have a better dental plan or the cash to get better dental work....Better teeth combined with coffee gives Captain America the victory!

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