Will Constantine Ruin the Concept of Neo?

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Neo Baggins
I know that the concept of the Matrix has come to a conclusion. Some we satisfied and others were disapointed. When John Constantine is born what will be left of Neo? Will we forget what is left or will all of us move onto another thing? Will we think of Neo as a new person or think of the character being someone else and staying that way? I hope that is the way it will be.

i know i can never forget the matrix. no matter what. i think constantine will be a kick ass movie, but we'lll always remember neo.

Two very different films. The character of Neo only lives in the Matrix. I'm sure Keanu will be taking other roles that doesn't mean that his character will disappear. It will live in the hearts of the fans. For me I still see him as the energetic teen from Bill & Ted's Excellent adventures.

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I dont think anything will make us forget the character of neo which i think is one of the greatest characters of all time but i think constatine will bomb because the concept kind of blows

The Matrix Trilogy has ended. Can we allow Keanu Reeves to take on other roles without him being associated with Neo and the Matrix?

I agree with WindDancer, it took me a while to not see him as TED THEODORE LOGAN!!

Anyway, Constantine, nor any other movie, has such a power to ruin the concept or anything else of a totally unrelated movie or movies.

He still carries a bit of Neo in Constantine, in my opinion

THATS because he doesnt have to much range as an actor so alot of the movies he does he plays the characters in the same way...
the only real departure were the bill & ted movies.. Sad really... wink

naw, ParentHood was the same deal, and the same with Devil's Advocate, he played completely different rolls and had to have range to play the characters. dont know wut ur smokin................but can i have some?

keanu carries mostly the same attributes into different movies...

bill and ted... teen mixed up in time travel...

davils advocate... young lawyer mixed up in devils plans to take over world...

matrix... young hacker mixed up in plot to free humans from machine control...

a common theme seems to be the whole fish out of water thing, where he's completely clueless to everything around him (at the start at least)...

dont get me wrong i like keanu, but he isnt the greatest nor the worst actor...

Maybe that's a good thing with his acting (or lack thereof) style.

By the way, I bet no one would see a connection if Constantine didn't go with the green color theme.

oringally quoted by dragonpisces272

Well, he carries that same dull facial expression in any character he portrays......

b/c keano acts the same in most his role i was actually thinkign of the matrix durring one seen of constantine

Wait a minute....there was a concept to Neo?

alien No because the character he plays as Constintine is a much more darker character than Neo he shows more emotion in him than Neo and is a drinker and smoker who wants to get into heaven, but like you guys said he has some of neo in him but a very little bit.

rajah kalantiaw
these two characters are incomparable.


droolio a sexeh movie..

Constantine is the best movie to have come out in quite sometime

Neo is probably Keanu's best role. I know some people will kick me for saying this, but he really isn't a very good actor. he's pretty (drool) but he's rather wooden ((this does come from a girl who has studied Drama at A level, and from my mate who's now doing drama degree))

I consider Neo to be completely seperate from Keanu, and I think he always will be...

alien Exactly my brother thinks that Neo has no emotion but I think that he potrays a wide range of emotions I would think Keanu playing Constintine would have less emotion than him playing neo.

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