Star Wars Episode 1.1 - The Phantom Edit

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Has anyone ever seen this? Apparently some guy edited out a bunch of stuff, including Jar Jar's voice and gave him intelligent alien dialogue and an alien voice, and got rid of Anakin's "Woohoo!"s. I'd be curious if it were available anywhere, too.

I've seen the Phantom Edit but he didn't do anything with anyone's dialogue- he just re-cuts the film.

Which does some things better but, frankly, some things- especially making the start even MORE rushed- worse.

where can i find it?

Yeah, I heard about the feeling of it being more rushed. No wonder, it says that twenty or so minutes were cut?

Twenty minutes have been cut from the original 133, and as a result the film is tighter and faster. Jar-Jar, who has been demoted to an almost silent supporting role, is actually enjoyable. (A different "Phantom Edit" has dubbed over Jar-Jar with an alien voice, giving him subtitled dialogue that turns the gibbering idiot into a wise sage, spouting pearls like "Children and fools ask more questions" and "Pride can blind you from the truth."wink Likewise, young Anakin -- whose shouts of "Yahoo!" and "Whoopee!" made many "Star Wars" fans grimace -- is a thoughtful, much quieter protagonist.

That's where I got the Jar-Jar voice information, this article was telling about it.

Presumably that was a fan-made change; the maker of the edit himself was quite clear about how he was approaching this as a director and nothing else.

Most likely. It went on to state how there were different versions, like 1.11, 1.2, 1.4, etc. It also said to expect an episode 2.1 for Attack of the Clones... to my knowledge that never happened, though.

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I haven't seen this, but I have heard of it.
I have seen an "altered" version of the OT DVD, though. wink

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Interesting, I've never seen it or even heard about it.

I originally posted this as an answer to a guy who wanted to know how to edit the movie for himself. After reading these posts though, I thought I should post the information here as well, in the case that anyone else may want to re-edit of the movie for themselves.

If you want to know how to edit this movie, I'll tell you.

First you need a computer with a dvd drive, second you need to own the movie in question. If you own Episode I then you can legally make a copy, thus I advise you to search for a freeware program called DVD shrink. DVD shrink decreases the movie size, thus allowing it to fit on a standard 4.7 DVD-R,+R disk. DVD shrink will also remove all security protection on the copy, and it will create an iso file; thus allowing you to burn the copy easier.
Now with a DVD burner burn the copy onto a DVD disk.

Now if you have a video card w/TV input, you should connect up your DVD player and re-record the copy into an MPEG2 format onto your hard drive.

Once in an MPEG2 format you can edit with Windows XP's Windows Moviemaker 2.

Publish your file to your hard drive and convert from the default format of WMV back to MPEG2 with a free version of STOIK file converter.

Burn this new MPEG2 movie onto a disk with NERO and you're all set.

All together this will take you about 8 or 9 hours.

Another option is to just use a freeware version of DVDx when saving a copy of the movie onto your hard drive. But the DVDx freeware is confusing and it will take about 24hours to save the movie to your hard drive.

Then you will spend another 6 hours converting it into a movie maker readable file, thus I suggest you use DVD shrink.

Hope this helps.

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crap, id never watch that.

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I guess the same would go for me.

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