My story!

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Heres my story: (its fake but what the heck)

Ok Im at a concert. band I walk out of the crowd. I pass a couple of punks. punk punk I see a man ready to blow off his head of the loud music blowup I leave outside. Its really dark. Im scared fear I suddenly see WindDancer pop out batman. He walks up to me and punches me. boxing OWWWW....Then he pulls out a paper and yells banned Then I die....death

No offense to WindDancer!!!

You could have used to more smilies. Poorly done, sir.

Im sorry one more smilie would have done me perfect.

Heres a new one:
Im on the famous Titanic!!boat
I walk down the deck to see Raz detective
and diva Clovie!!!!
I say hi to them!!!!
They just leave......
Theyre acting mean kwasny
I run to them cursing
You didnt have to do that
"Yes we did" they reply.
Becuase we are not Clovie and Raz
we are cyborgs borg
They pull out guns and start firing.2guns
I dodge. helpsmilie
They say bye but not after they shoot me in the leg and beat me up.bye
I end up going home bad.crutch

No offense to Clovie or Raz.

Jackie Malfoy
What a great story!JMbookclappingAnd it had pictures too.I love pictures!droolio

Thank YOU!!!!!! Make one if you want and post it here. Ill make one of you.

Jackie Malfoy
Thanks!You could make one up for me if iyou want.I can't think of any stories right now.JM

That's a great story!!!!!!!

This one is for Jackie Malfoy:

Jackie Malfoy is walking down a dark alley diva
She is confronted by the devil devil
She is captured and forced to watch Star Wars every second..starwars
Then the devil realizes she likes Star Warsdoh
He then makes her eat candy!!!eat
The devil is such an idiot.....
Jackie Malfoy performs a spectactular escape taking the Star Wars DVD and candy. then she has an ideaidea
She makes a robot robot
and attacks the devil
She kills him death
Now she is the ruler of earth while people pray to her notworthy

would u make one bout me too?
big grin

Jackie Malfoy
Queen Jackie!I like the sound of that!JM laughing thumb up clappingkisses

sounds greaT!!!!!

OK this one is for Anna:

Anna is walking down the street shes pretty sleepy sleepy
She hears a noise behind the alley.SHe looks at the man tongue_ss
She hears him click out a knife.She stareswhistling she takes a step back sweatdrop then another and another..then she stops!!!!! She sees thousnads of ninjas after her!!shurikenninja She looks down.thinks damn! then looks up looking sly They all run towards her. She jumps up and kickskicking here and punchesboxing there performing gravity defying moves killing everyone death SHe walks away without a scatch. SHe is now the head secret agent. With a license to kill and have fun!!!!

laughing out loud
thx a loT!!!!!!!
that's really great

Jackie Malfoy
Two thumbs up for anna and JLred!Go anna!JM Happy Dance

If you all want another just ask!!

u r really cool, JLred

Jackie Malfoy
Yea you are!I will take another story.JM

OK for Jackie:

Jackie is reading a book book on the beach. She sees a pirate ship land nearby boat pirate
She sees ships come out and land. Theyre coming after her. She puts on a disguise disguise
They ask her "have you seen Jackie Malfoy?"
ermm No..
"ok" they keep checking on the beach. They decide to kidnap her instead but then they find out its Jackie.
She gets taken aboard. shutup
The captain pirate comes up. pirate2
"Why hello Jackie!!!"death
Jackie escapes from the chair right before her neck is cut off. She dodges.
She fights with the captain. box She wins and calls the She now controls 50 ships and gets a reward of $5,000,000,000 dollars!!!!!!!

For Anna:

Anna is at home sleeping sleep1
she wakes up. Looks outside and sees saddam
She calls the police police
No one picks up!!
She has to take care of this herself.
then walks outside.
She spots him and chases him.
She calls someone phone
Out of nowhere pops out tanktomcattank
She has connections. She finds the evil man and sees him with a nuke nuke
She runs to him and kicking the shit out of him. She disarms the nuke and saves the world!!!!
She gets a new medal to add to her collection of other medals she had one. She gets $5,000,000,000,!!!!!!!!!
Thats Annas everyday work as being a international licence for everything spy!!!

Jackie Malfoy
cOOL thanks again!Well got to go.But I wil back later.See yea.JMkisses

wow!!!! THX!!!!
JLred was sooo borede sleep
but suddleny he heard a strange noise in his garden messed
he looked there and he saw an alien alien
he was very scared geek
but he managed the aliens shifty
and he send them far away one eye
the end happy


laughing out loud
did u liked it?

Of Course!!!!!!!!!!

Can I have a story. . . pleeese? smile


For *Danii*:
Danii was walking home one night after her usual day at school. With all her extracurricular activites she tookchefhockey
she barely had time for her own life. You might be wondering why does cooking and hockey take about 9 hours. Well she doesnt only do that every day. She is special. Like only yesterday she -Lemme just tell you the story from the
When Danii was 15 she had found a small stone on the floor. It had an odd marking yinyang She took it home. She kept it for many months until it glowed.omg_smilie
"What was going on?" she asked herself. Then one day she dropped it on the floor. It cracked open. Out came a mini cat Now she and this cat quickly became friends. Always hanging out. Until it got bigger and bigger. Thats when Danii realized it wasnt a cat but a small tiger. She wondered how this came to be. It was like a wish come true. until it got too big for the house and too big to hide. So she had to keep it in an abandoned house. Everyday she would visit it until she noticed small lumps on its back. Each day those lumps got bigger until the tiger sprouted wings!!! She was very amazed!!! She started riding it slowly until she got the hang of it. She would ride it each and every day. To this day she has no idea on how it came to be. She meets it everyday for 4 hours and rides it. For she is chosen. To lead a new generation. To serve the good. To help all. To create a new league of extraordinary creatures such as hers. To save the world!!

Ok I couldnt come up with anything better sorry happy


YES, Happy Dance I am the amazing tigerdragon rider of Earth pirate

stick out tongue


Jackie is the queen and Anna is the head secret agent

JLred was walkind down the road one day, when he noticed a banana that was different froem the other bananas. . .

Happy Dance banana2

He noticed the banana was sad so he asked it why. . .

It said, All the other bananas think Im weird for wearing purple!

So JLred came up with a brilliant idea

He got out his spray paint and . . . zorro

Painted the other bananas purple!

banana2 banana2

the banana was so pleased, and impresssed by JLred's wit and great intelligence. . .

they fell in love and kissed under the green moon of planet Sedna alien kiss

Me and purple banana?????

Well dump her if you dont like her, theres no point in leading her on!

laughing out loud not really, i just suck at making up stories.

Jackie Malfoy
Still writting?Good keep it up!JMJumpy

Me and purple banana had a fight....stupid @!&*$.......

A new story:

I was walking down a narrow alley. I was so bored bored
I saw three people argueing. argue I snuck closer for a better look. It was Raz detective and Clovie diva and WindDancer batman.
I heard their conversation.omg_smilie It was about KMC they were thinking of banned everyone!! "Hey look its JLred!" said Clovie. "Oh its you!" said Windancer. "Lets banned him!!" said Raz, "He asks me alot of questions"
AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed.I ran away and layed low for a few days sadwalk Then I learned it was cyborgs!!!borg They were up to it again!!!!!!!

No offense to anyone!!!!!!!!!

i hate you. cry

no expression

and btw the diva is Tex

i'm the purplequeen1

im gonn make a smilie for me with a misfits t-shiert eek!

*runs away*

Ok Im sorry for bothering you Ill leave you alone now ok?

Ok sorry my bad youre purplequeen1

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