I, Robot-- looks like a Matrix Prequel-- is it?

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Have you seen the preview for the new Will Smith movie "I, Robot"?

For those of you that haven't, click on the link below and watch it:


Those of you that have seen the Animatix know that this movie (I. Robot) looks an awful lot like the part of the Animatrix where the servant robot rebels against his master. I believe it was called The Second Renaissance... Anyways, this seems to be too much of a coincidence. What do you think about this?

It isn't being portrayed AS a Matrix Prequel, it just seems very similar...

The Unknown
I, Robot is an old book series...

Ah... well then The Animatrix totally ripped off the storyline. lol

looks like a good movie. a lot of people will tie it in with the 2nd ren just like striel said. it actually looks promising. and the robots kinda look like B166ER.

Asimov's Robot series was far, far better than the cliched dross that was Second Renaissance. It took a far more intelligent view of the troubles of AI creation.

Fallen Jedi
yeah, i've never read the books, but my dad is a big fan of Asimov's

MC Mike
The Robot and Foundation series were great. smile thumb up

hey Mike where u been?

MC Mike
In the ocean. confused I'm back though.

Lil Seraph
That's pretty ironic/cool Will Smith was in the list of being Neo, but he turned it down to play in the big blockbuster movie flop wild wild west.

Right, this is weird, too weird to be a coincidence. Although I, Robot is a Fox Film. I highly, I mean, HIGHLY recommend LISTENING to that trailer again. In particular, the music.

Just believe me when I tell you: that is no "ordinary" music.

Yes, it's Navras. Music is almost always borrowed from previous movies' soundtracks... but this is interesting. After viewing the trailer, it looks more and more like The Animatrix all over again.... wouldn't it be a kicker if at the end, the screen just turns to matrix code, and fades to black? Although that won't happen.. since this is 20th Century Fox and Matrix was WB

Note: Will SMITH.


yes, really weird on the part of neo. Maybe once he found out that matrix was a huge hit, he looked back and said, "man, my bad." laughing So maybe this new movie is somewhat a revelation to matrix and would make a reasonable amount of money as done matrix. But you never know...

it is very interesting that 2 movies could 'appear' so similar
yet be writttten at totally different times with totally different views
coincident or a deeper matter...?

Errr, no... 'I, Robot' was the book that founded the idea of AI exploration in sci-fi which has now simply become an established piece, in 2001: ASO, Terminator, and more recently Matrix. It would be like saying it is weird that the Lawnmower Man involves cyberspace just like the matrix, despite being written at different times.

It is, of course, from Asimov that the three 'Asimov's laws' of robotics behaviour was developed, which Asimov said humans would need to build into all AIs precisely to prevent robotic rebellion.

However, people do rather quickly forget that the entire Robot series was Asimov's explorations of the meanings, limits, and failings of his own laws.

The Robot series also went into great depth to explore what it would MEAN if we developed intelligent AIs who serve us, and its effect on human culture and development. All very interesting but not much to do with something like the Matrix, and that extent of his storyline is not worth filming, even though they are interesting books.

its also the title of a song by a sci-fi progressive rock/punk/emo band Coheed and Cambria...

...and seeing how the W brothers took much of their stories from many different sources, the second rennaissance was probably based on the Asimov story

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I saw them LIVE! eek!
Sorry for the off-topicness. embarrasment

But yes, 2nd Ren. may be based off of Asimov. And Asimov is a brilliant man.. I've read several of his works. smile

i think that its weird that it has matrix music in it , but the story line is eerily familiar to the second Renaissance......weird

Yes...it is...

Darth Vicious
In my opinion many movies can be tied to The Matrix universe, you could say that it starts with I, Robot(which looked great in the trailer), then it would continue in The Terminator were they destroy almost every human being and it would end in The Matrix were Neo saves everything, i for one know it has nothing to do with the Matrix but could use it as a pre-matrix when arranging my DVD collection! By the way Revolutions sucked!

holy shit...that is the matrix music...its too similar for them not to be in it together somehow...i mean, yeah, the matrix is from other works, but still...

Assuming that the film does not greatly divert from Asimov's ideas, the importance difference is that the Asimov robots lack a. a desire to rule in their own self-interest or b. an ego that demands equitable treatment, which they do not see as their function.

Well Will Smith was second in line to play Neo and yeah that is a kick @$$ trailer.

I still think that its weird that Neodammurung was playing.....

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holy crap that so badly could be a Matrix Prequel. That IS second renisance

if the robots name was B166ER, then yes, it would be second renaissance. however...it does resemble very strongly...

'Cept it's based off a book, more likely the 2nd Renaissance was the book.

Will SMITH playing Neo? No way... Anyway i starting to think that it is related to the matrix. But the first thought that popped into mind when i saw it was Terminator 3.

MC Mike
It's sad to look at all the inferences on this page. stick out tongue Asimov wrote a classic novel about robots and it was titled "I, Robot." From the looks f the trailer, they've almost trashed the main idea of a series of stories and decided to make one big story. Second Renaissance was BASED on these novels, not these novels based on Second Renaissance. roll eyes (sarcastic)

yeah, i was just about to write that, Mike...but you beat me...

MC Mike

The Alpha
When is this movie coming out?

pretty soon...don't remember the date, though i think its this month

its retarted, i mean common at least they could have used thier own music.....

yeah, thats true...especially for a movie about a robot revolt

I, Robot will premiere in theatres on July 16, 2004.

Hey thats 5 days before my birthday eek!

I also think it's fascinating (and more than a cooincidence) that Larry and Andy wrote a story which parallels to so many other story universes.


For instance: You can link the new movie "The Forgotten" with the Matrix universe PERFECTLY (perhapes one of the earlier versions of the Matrix). You could view the plot from the point of view where the system's running some new program to improve overal control program so subsequently this woman's child is abducted and the system starts making the accomedating changes to the matrix in order to make her think she's going crazy-perhaps to anyalize and obtain a clean breakdown of the human psyche. She fails to follow along with the program and begins to pose more and more of a threat to the system so the system sends an "agent" after her to tie up the loose ends. Nevermind all the speculation about the agent being an alien. They never actually say THEY are extraterrestrials.

Or course, the system's program fails at the end of the movie when Julianne Moore's character refuses to accept the program no matter what and consequently the main agent (obsolete program) is deleted. Then the system resets the matrix just as it was before the failed program was launched.

There's quite a few movies that actually fit in this way. I think it's really fun to watch different moves and see how well it fits into the matrix. You might be surprised by what you find ;-)

there are many sci-fi etc movies that could fit in some way...for instance, I, robot in that the robots have become sentient to the point that they fight back, Dune in that the Machines became sentient, took over many worlds and enslaved them, then (and i haven't read the new book, yet, so not exactly sure how that ends...) machines are overcome, Termintor with the whole humans fighting machines, etc, etc, etc...sentient machines taking over the world(s) is a very common theme in modern and some not so modern writings and movies. It is definitely not a coincidence, it is a logical extension of technology today with history.

Wtf is this doing here, it came out a year ago. Jeez, just leave it in peace.

No it's not.

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