Popeye Vs Hulk

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Popeye vs the Hulk.

Sure Hulk may be strong but I sure once Popeye eats his spinach, Popeye would punch the Hulk to the moon(And he can too lol)

And to prove this match up is can happne, Pepeye was a comic.

David Duchovony
Ohhhh C'mon!!!!!!

Hulk: Almost always wins, occasionally looses. Big hulking brute.

Popeye: *Always* gets beat up a little bit, eats spinach, then beats up a big hulking brute.

The only question here is whether a battleship shows up in Popeye's bicep, or the rock of Gibraltar.

Popeye wins.

I do belive this fight is very even once Popeye eats his spinach. I mean, it may seem a bit out there on the out side.

But once you see Popeye punch people across the world, and punchs them again to go across the world again. You can see the might of Popeye.

Popeye is a stupid cartoon character, he cant do anything to Hulk.

And I swear to god if people compare him to The Mask... errrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Popeye is NOT a stupid cartoon. He is more than that, He was there with Micky Mouse and Betty Boop, and saw the begining of cartoon works.

And he can knock the Hulk up in the sky. Popeye once hit Bruto from Island to Island.

isnt it bluto?

Sometimes he is called Brutus and sometimes Bluto. I guess Joker sort of combined the two...

Well I dont know his name, He seems to have a few nicknames in the show,

Bluto. Is the name used more often, and Brutus, about the same.

Cosmo Kramer
Popeye can use his spinach to only beat men...not the HULK!

But I saw one where a mouse ate spinach and knocked out Popeye so maybe Hulk's anger and Popeyes spinach will equal each other.

Does Popeye get prep time before he eats the spinach?

Popeye without Spinach can easily bend steel, and beat up giant monsters. With Spinach Hulk or nearly anybody has a chance. I mean c'mon that's Popeye invincible after eating it.

I imagine after one spinach powered punch, Hulk would fly into a nearby Wolverine, Sabretooth, or Deadpool and blow them apart into a perfectly formed and secure adamantium bone prison around Hulk.

yeah, Popeye is a pin point with his punchs.

Popeye vs. Hulk

I'm sorry but i think its easy to see who wins... Which is The Hulk

Popeye dosn't have unlimited strengh like hulk he may be able to bend steel but I bet he can't bend adamatium like hulk

Ya Bluto always beats up Popeye...makes me wonder exactly how strong he is...Tho usually it seems like Popeye can take it.

On topic..Hulk might have unlimted strength if it's like War or Savage...however he isn't invincible cause somebody stronger then him could knock him out before he got strong enough.

Popeye has never lost once he ate his Spinach.

One time Bluto shot bullets at Popeye, and they bounch off, I think it gave Popeye superman type might.

I think Popeye could take the Hulk. An Popeye can bend the adamatium once he eats the spinach.

It showed Bluto shoot Popeye? Wait does anybody know hold old Popeye really is? I mean he calls Bluto young..

Makes me wonder how old Pappy is.

Do I even need to say why I'm closing this?

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