Eternity vs Parallax

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who whould in

Eternity : The collective mind of all life in the universe.

Parallax: Hal Jordan Gone Mad

Parallax is powerful, but he will fall against Eternity.

what the hell is Eternity...a character or something..with my almost godly comic book knowledge..I can honest say i have not heard of him or her or it or whatever.

Eternity is The marvel Universe his rank only below the LT . He is the marvel universe.

He has no shape or from his everywere /time.

he is in the comic : The end , IG he only shows up when there is a universal problems

This who Eternity is. Like I said, Parallax will go down.

Eternity could beat anyone.

anyone except LT/TOAA

But if Eternity is killed so is the Universe because he is the universe.

that's deep.

i can't beileve you haven't heard of him Mainstream.

You should read IG , The End it shows the cosmic Balance of the Marvel Universe in great detail.

okay....maybe I heard of him and's possible. I'm mainstream for gods sake..I should have known.

How can eternity beat parallax? As parallax he recreated the universe so how is eternity gonna stand up to that, i think that parrallax's is on par with the power of the IG in what he can do with it, the only diffrence is that parrallax power runs out but he DID reshape the universe so he could logically just reshape eternity.

good points mider.

Parallax is powerful; he has taken out the time and space continuum and rebuilt it but we're talking about ETERNITY here. The name itself implies power. ETERNITY has infinite power at his disposal with timeless experience. He's been with the universe from the very beginning; he's seen all and knows all. I don't even think HAL has enough will power even infused with all of the OA's power to go toe to toe with ETERNITY forever. Hal is still a mortal and eventually he'll die.

good points as well old chum

Eternity was essentially the reason why Thanos lost the Infinity Guantlet.

Eternity challenged Thanos, and Thanos killed/took out Eternity using the guantlet. After he killed Eternity, he became the embodiment of Eternity.

So his physical form became dormant...while wearing the Infinity Guantlet. That's when Nebula (Thanos' neiece or daughter or something) took the guantlet off of Thanos' hand and put it on her own.

Eternity was the reason Thanos lost the IG and here i thought it was cause Thanos himself let it happen. Eternity is so smart thats why he left the infinity gems free in the first place. What is a comman thing about the abstract entities in marvel is that they may be amazinly powerful and smart, but they are complasent and thus lack the wisdom on how to use there power and knowledge. Parrallax has the power to reshape reality and the time line eternity cant just reshape himself i think or the time line he is the timeline how many of us would want to reshape ourselves i think parrallax would win and its not even that hard to contimplate in the least.

Thanos let that happen. Deep down he allowed that to happen, Warlock said this himself. Nebula took the IG - while Eternity was still captured - yet didn't become one with the universe. Thanos could've done the same and not join with the universe. Eternity got his butt kicked by Thanos like Parallax is going to get his butt handed to him by Eternity in this fight.

You can smash a huge bolder the size of you with a sledge hammer and glue it back to any way you wish. However, can you do that to a huge bolder (the size of you) that can move about and has intellegence? Mostlikely no, since it'll fight back and kill you.

Parallax reshaping a universe ain't the same as Parallax fighting a living universe. Eternity would kill that chump.

And no. Parallax isn't IG level. A mere wish granted half the universe's population out of existence. Parallax needed will power to operate, but a mere wish and the IG grants it for you.

The Flash
Since Eternity is the universe, does that mean the Ultimate Nullifier can defeat it?

Parallax infecting Jordan (with the oan 'glow' power) could beat most abstracts as they are, but if he defeated the definition of eternity, then that would make him mortal, as he could not live forever.

people weaker then parrallax have defeated eternity such as korvac, galactus almost ate korvac, and you always have to have will power even if its just using hte infinity gauntlet it just takes a little MORE will power to use the power of a green lantern, and parrallax isnt fromt his universe he can just go back home if he had to. Eternity is basically that a walking talking rock but we arent talking about a sledge hammer we are talking about someone who can do anything he wants.

Eternity wins , there are many people that can distroy the universe does make them stonger.

Eternity can blink him out of existence.

after that statment you need to capitilize ALMOST

eternity looks like a BIG baby there.

Korvac punked LT as well. Galactus beat up Abraxas and absorbed the Dreaming Celestial. Galactus can absorb Parallax as well and kick his ass. Don't underestimate the guy. It's only when he's hugry that he's in a weak state.

Phoenix only stalemated a starving Galactus. Guess what happened if Galactus didn't have his hunger?

who here know the full extent of Glactus full power?

i have read lot of silver surfer comics and Glactus sometime seem weaker and at times really strong.

From what i read he is also capable of universal distuction.

plus don't forget what Glactus created:

Tyrant , sufer , terrax etc his power seems limitless.

Eternity will smoke parralax

Stalemate? You must not have the comic book.

She beat. His. ARSE.

*shrug* A sated Galactus looked at Dark Phoenix and was wary, but I'll let you all tell your own truths.

LoL @ Parallax beating Eternity. Eternity is an abstract entity.

Yo, not to be a dick, but logically, wouldn't Parallax "reshaping" the sentient embodiment of time, space and life not really change Eternity. He'd still be the sum of his parts. I mean, Parallax reshaped the DCU in his image, but the DCU isn't a sentient abstract of all existence. It's simply an 'object', for lack of a better term. Rearranging time and space would have no effect on Eternity because he'd still exist, right? To destroy Eternity would mean to destroy existence. Can Parallax exist outside of existence, and does the power of Oa have what it would take to destroy all existence?

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