Make Your Own Defenders!!!

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Quick Freeze
choose any 4 heroes from marvel including at least one of the orginal big 4 (dr. strange, hulk, silver surfer, and the sub-mariner)

here's mine:
1. Dr. Strange
2. Professor X
3. Silver Surfer
4. Gladiator

i chose these because strange's abilities are based on mystical powers. x's is on telepathic powers. surfer's is on cosmic. and gladiator is purely physical.
so you have magic, cosmic power, mind control, and someone who can just beat the crap out of anything. they can destroy one's mind, body, spirit, and material make up all at once. mess with these guys and you're royally FHappy DanceED

Except, I find Proff. X a bit superfluous, given that Strange has better telepathic skillz that killz.

1. Strange, ya just gotta have him.
2. Blazing Skull, fits with the Defenders mystic M.O.
3. Llyron, with the Defenders being his superpowered parole officers.
4. Firelord
5. The Air-Walker construct
6. Machine Man
7. Starlight

Quick Freeze
good point

My new team is as fallows:

1. Dr. Strange
2. Silver Surfer
3. Gladiator
4. Enchantress

now not only are your body, mind, matter, and spirit in trouble, but your heart is gonna be broken as well.
tomcat giljotiini pile velho

Here's my Defender team:

1. The Sentry

2. Silver Surfer

3. Dr. Strange

4. Sersi(marvel)

5. Black Bolt

5. Ghost Rider

6. Thor Girl

7. Captain Marvel aka Genis Vell

The magnificent seven.

Ok here goes:
Dr Strange

K Von Doom
Silver Surfer
Adam Warlock
Beta Ray Bill
I think this team has all bases covered

1.Adam Warlock
4.Black Bolt


Quick Freeze
That's a dope team! Damn even I forgot about this thread and I'm all about the throwbacks and the "create your own's"


Quick Freeze
So I made this when I was like 15 and have read a considerable amount more Defenders comics since. In that time I came up with the Final Defenders. The only Defenders team to represent ALL Defenders teams:

Dr. Strange (Founder, Leader of Original, and Leader of Secret)

Valkyrie (Member of Original & New, Leader of Fearless)

Nighthawk (Member of Original, Leader of Initiative)

Beast (Founder and Leader of New)

Luke Cage (Member of Original, Founder of Manhattan)

Rhino (Member of Thanos's "Secret," Member of Fake, Member of Emissaries of Evil, and having Nighthawk talk Rhino into joining and permanently leaving the villain life would be cool especially cuz this would prolly piss off the other founding three)

Thats a nice mix...thumb up !!!

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