Secret War 4

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Lord S
Tomorrow...does anyone still care?

I will pick it up, but I am very pissed that it's gone from a quarterly series to almost semi-annual...and don't tell me it's due to Dell'Otto's beautiful artwork. Artwork alone, while it's nice, shouldn't be what sells the comic. The content should...and that part had better be up to par. I was extremely disappointed with the last installment...especially considering the first two showed a great deal of promise.

Nobody pays attention to me, but I keep saying Bendis' stuff is slipping. I don't see how everyone's eating the shit he's giving us in New Avengers. Did you see last issue? It sucked. He's trying to be too edgy, cool and funny, that it's coming off substandard and trite.

Secret Wars is him trying to be Priest. But no one can be Priest but Priest, so it ends up being marginally enjoyable, at best.

Lord S
I haven't seen New Avengers...I have heard it's good, but also that Bendis tends to keep the characters more down to earth, which is fine for guys like Iron Man and Captain America (if they are a part of the New Avengers, I don't know), but the more powerful guys shouldn't just be down to earth.

I haven't collected comics in a long time, and at this time last year started getting back into I know nothing, or have little interest in much of the main stream Marvel material, BUT, Secret War was something I found fascinating, but the wait is just too goddamn long!

Bendis went from a fairly good writer to poopie trash.

Especially with New Avengers. It's horrible, IMO. It's like he's trying to create his own team of his favorite superheros.

The Flash
Who is that lady at the end?

Has everyone noticed the remarkable similarities between Secret War and New Avengers? They're practically the same.

Lord S
I picked it up yesterday and I have to say it was absolutely terrible. What started out as a very promising series has become utterly and totally pointless. A big fight with some B-villains and some chick showing up at the end...big deal.

What really pissed me off the most was that they only used HALF of the book to tell the story! Hell, less than half...almost every other page was an ad. So 1/3 or so of the book was used for the actual comic, and the rest for bullshit. I don't want to hear anything about Dell'Otto's pretty paintings, blah, blah, blah...if the story-telling isn't up to par, then who really cares about art? I know I don't.

Absolutely not worth the price.

Words can't describe how pissed off I am right now considering how much I was looking forward to this...and I will not wait another five or six months for the next one. Thanks Bendis, but no thanks.

Damn shame...this could have been a great series. thumb down

I'm still gonna buy it....stuck with it this long...might as well stick with it right?

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