What do you guys think about fever pitch

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i thought it was pretty good it had some pretty funny parts what do u guys think of it

Never heard of it..

im from NY so i wont go watch this movie lol...maybe when its out on dvd i heard it was pretty good but Falons acting was terrible.

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As I am from Scotland, I have only seen the original version. As that is to do with real football I like it.

The new one is baseball and as British I do not see what the fuss is about that. I can not see the film doing anything anywhere else than the States. Maybe why I have not even heard of it being released here.

i havent seen it, but i just found out yesterday that is was directed by the farrelly brothers, which was wierd for them. i wanna see it now.

Is nothing but homeage to the Red Sox winning the World series. With all the jubille of the Sox's victory the studio prolly decided to market the film so that Red Sox nation fans would go see it. Nothing really interesting in this film.

I liked it for 2 reasons one was because it was funny and the other was that the Sox came back from a 3 game deficate and beat the Yankees who I really hate

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i thought it was pretty good. parts of it were really funny. the problem is you have to know a bit about red sox history to appreciate whats so funny about it. they did a fantastic job of portraying boston and boston's fans. i'm from boston, and watching that movie... it was like i actually knew people who are exactly like the characters in that movie. my one criticism of it is that you definitly won't enjoy it as much if you are not from boston.

I liked the movie itself. I was a bit dissapointed with them not putting more ALCS and world series action in it. At the end when they were on the field, I thought there could've been more lines between falon and barrymore and a little bit more excitement there.

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