Premiere. Who went??

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Who went and who is planning on going to the second one...?! I'm planning on it eek! . I never went to the first one cuz i didn't want to.... plain and simple... But who did and who does??? I am SO excited.... It'll be AWSOME!!


Why are you crying!!!!!!! sad no don't do that.... whats the matter!?

i want to go!!! where is it going to be at?

I have no Idea. probably disney world where the last one was. Thats what i'm thinkin. My mom already said i could go... I'm excited. and on the first Pirates DVD they got somethin about the premiere and when i watch it i get all nervous cuz i don't know what i'd do....big grin i'd probably screem eek!

Does ANYONE know where they'll have it. I don't think that the people MAKING the movie even know where it's gonna be!

well of course they dont know where it is yet..
they still havent wrote it ^_^;; they have to have priorties..
probly disney though..
on the second disk on the premire thing i cry everytime i watch it... i wish i was there.. and i envy that *bleep* girl that got johnny's auto..
um right... not gonna make the second one though..

disney land, not world.

#1fan Sparrow
you here misses depp

Ooops... sorry. yea i always get mixed up in Disney LAND and WORLD!

*cries* i want to go, i doubt my mom will let me go, ill beg her! I HAVE TO GO!!!! if its in disney land...then im going to beg and beg and beg to disney land in florida? or is that disney world? IM SO CONFUSED


Disneyland is in Anehiem, California big grin

I live about 5 hours from it yes


my mission: get a job
save money
buy plane ticket
go to premiere
meet johnny, keira, orli and get their autographs
hug johnny
hug orlando
and take lotsa pics!!!

Tinkerbell... Would you be willing to drive to Newfoundland and pick me up... we can drive to cali and THEN we can meet (and kidnap shifty ) Johnny Depp big grinbig grinbig grinbig grin! even though my mom already said i could go. I keep forgetting that. it's like unbelievable. I live, like, SO far away but i guess she knows how much i LOVE the movie.... and Johnny!

Aye Sounds fun. Lets go kidnap Johnny Depp LOL
*sneaks off to go kidnap him*

Sounds like a plan.....most of the stars stay in the Disneyland Hotel @ Disneyland. and thats where my cousin works hes seen Bruce Willis (dont think i spelled that right) with his kids and a bunch of different actors.

Unfortunately he wasnt there for the premire....he was in Las Vegas sad

BUT he said if they do have the premire there hes gonna make sure he works that day. (he wants to hook up with keira stick out tongue ) Go figure!!!!!

LOL That is sooo cool Id love to have a job like that

Yea me too... That'd be cool. i forgot about my own thread. i'm right stupid, see?

eh may i ask you something?
i would go to the premiere...but i live 10 houres sitting in the plain from californie....
my parents said that she would fly to californie whit me...
and i don't know actually how you can meet johnny and orlando..
could someone explain me that?? are fantastic!!

I live in Wales, but I'm allowed to go to the premiere if it comes to london, so if anyone has vital info lik - dates etc plz plz plz pm me.
and where do u get the tickets?

I have NO idea. you can just show up but you'd have to stay behind the little red line thing. you gotta be invited or somethin. but even if Johnny Depp was standing next to me not even looking at me, (even though he'd be deff cuz i'd be screaming so loud) then i'd be happy. but if there is a Premiere is london i can DEFINETLY go to that one. All my nans family lives there so i wouldn't have to rent out a hotel room or anything and my mom wants to go to England ANYWAYS. but she already said that i could go.... i hope we can.

yes, but the premiere in london, not all acteurs are comming there...ay?
johnny depp is not be the premiere in london.
he's comming in the us. but if he comes to london, i don't know that.
i will go to the premiere in the u.s. bacause there comming a lot more must know that.

Yea i know. I wish that they all went to ALL the premieres. He didn't go to the first one... and i didn't get to see him.... the only Pics i see are from the World Premiere and he's hot... I wish he did go to the premiere though. Oh yea i was looking at Hotels for our trip. it was REALY pretty... i had to tell you guys...
It's still not 100% certain that we're goin but it's like 90% so that's pretty good right?

ay go to the premiere in californie eh?
and if you find a hotel...mail it to me. maybe we can go to the same hotel. than we could meet eithother.
is that a good idea?
let me know it....big grin

Yes it's a VERY good idea indeed. If i find out soon i'll tell you... If i even know where it is 'cause i probably won't be the one to know the address for it. i'll ask my mom, she'll know. we don't know right now though so we gotta wait.... sad

yes, you're right.
we must gotta wait....and wait.....and wait.....and wait....and wait.
and if i know something, i mail it too youbig grin...

The first one was like 20 minutes from where i used to live!!! and i didn't know about it. so i didn't go. but i can't go now cuz i don't live there. *hmph*

That Sucks.... It really does. Any premiere that i live 20 Minutes away from i'd go to. I don't care if it would be Terminator 3 or 4 or whatever one would come out next ( i might mention i don't like those movies)

ah mail me back pleas.

i did i think..... wacko I do it again.... right now

SimoneDepp not mailed me back....confused

I dont think anyone went to the premiere

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